Happy Easter


I would like to wish everyone a very blessed and happy Easter.

Mom and myself will be having a nice and nutritious Easter dinner, dessert of course…never nutritious but always too good to say no to!

As for my treatments, I have had two chemo therapy treatments, one iron Iv on Thursday, and six days a week white blood cell shots.  Labs every Monday.

Last week I had to take Lasix for big baggy eyes just for three days, go to the lab on that Friday and then see the Dr. on Monday.  Dr.  told me sometimes that happens, maybe too much salt in my diet, but the swelling had gone down quite a bit.  They look normal now.

The only other thing I experience is sternum pain, and that travels around to the middle of my back, then back again.  That pain is caused from the shots.

Other then that, I still have hair, but it hasn’t grown, and no other discomforts.

I keep myself busy all of the time, I can’t help it!  I am always outside with the plants and have added so many since I last wrote to my garden.  I think I will do a post just on my potted flowers, and not put them in this post.

I hope those of you that have cancer are each doing well and I will be visiting your blogs over this Easter weekend.

As soon as I finish this post, I am going to do my laundry!  Yay!  I love it when it is all done.  I already had my shot at noon, mom and I had lunch, dishes are done up and put away so now ready for this task.

Have a wonderful weekend and ‘Happy Easter’


Authorized for treatment


Good morning, and it just so happens that in spite of the chilly weather we are having the sun is shining nicely and I believe it will be a beautiful day!

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my insurance company to advise me that my treatment has been authorized, a phone call with the authorization number was made to the Oncologists office and I will receive my written authorization in the mail.

The representative said the request was immediately authorized and she hoped that I would get well very soon.

This afternoon I will be visiting the lab for some additional lab tests.  I drove by the lab when I left the Dr’s yesterday, but the parking lot was full and that means sitting and waiting for too long so came home and made an appointment so I can get in and out without a long wait.

Monday I have a morning appointment with my PCP and will update him with all of the take home information about my treatment plan so copies can be made and placed into my file there.

I want to get my hair trimmed this next week…I just had it cut not too long ago, but it grows out fast and I thought if it is going to thin out with treatment, maybe it won’t be so noticeable.

I also want to go through my crochet patterns and and work on some cute cotton hats. I do love to crochet!  I will be meeting many different people during treatment.  Yesterday at my appointment, it was full of ladies getting their chemo therapy treatments.  It is also something I can work on during my treatments  or a good way to catch up on reading a good book if crocheting isn’t something I want to do on a day.  I thought that a cute hat with a crocheted flower wrapped in pretty tissue paper with an uplifting message on a little card would be nice to hand to those I meet during treatments.

Well on with my day, they seem to come and go so quickly anymore that I want to make the best of this one!   Have a wonderful day!