Tomatoes and cucumbers in my garden

Good morning, happy Sunday!

I just did a walk around to check on my potted plants, one of my daily rituals, and while it may sound silly to some…I always let them know how beautiful they are when they flower, and how big they have grown when they are non flowering!  I like to think they appreciate it!

So this morning I thought I would share with you my one and only tomato bush, cherry tomato… that is coming along so nicely!  The sun has not traveled over to the front area just yet, so photo taken in the shade, but it stays sunny there all day until sundown.

This plant is just four weeks old, and I purchased it at True Value when it was just a wee little one.  It is healthy and will produce beautiful cherry tomatoes.

I could start my plants from seed like my neighbor does, and I may try his method for regrowth of plants…just put a slice of a tomato in ground and it will come up!  My neighbor is 83 and he has tomato plants all over his back yard area!  He definitely has a very green thumb!

One thing he does experience however are the critters getting into and eating!  I put mine right where I can see it and watch it!  They won’t bother it.


Cherry Tomato plant 04/17

I didn’t grow any last year and truly missed the delicious flavor of my home grown tomatoes.  I will savor them more this year for sure!


Tomatoes of 2015


Tomatoes of 2015

Cucumber is just two weeks old, once again a wee little plant I purchased from Lowe’s.  By the way, both of my plants are Bonnie plants, they seem to always be pest and disease free and very healthy.  The container they come in can just be put right into the soil and those little pots are biodegradable.


Cucumber 4/17

In my area, at the grocery store…cucumber’s are 0.99 cents or if on sale 0.79 cents.  If I go to Walmart, they are just 0.58 cents.

Now if I were to purchase an organic cucumber at the grocery store…$1.79 per cucumber.

Since I have not been eating organic all of my life, and do not intend to pay $1.79 for one cucumber, I decided to grow my own organic cherry tomatoes and cucumbers!

I would really love to set up a raised garden area out along the side where it gets plenty of sunshine to grow a variety of vegetables…however, I would need to invest in different things to keep the critters out, and even at that…little teeth can always find a way in! 😉

So those are my two vegetable plants to share with you this morning, and I hope if your not growing something I have inspired you to try a plant or two!

It is so rewarding to go out and pick your tomatoes, and other vegetables or fruits that you have so lovingly nurtured!

Have a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget to keep all of your plants hydrated with the warmer weather upon us.


Updated roses page


I opened a ‘page’ a few days ago to share my roses, and just completed posting some more photos.

I will most certainly be updating their progress, growth, any new pots I select for them and of course any new roses I choose!

By the way…I was reading that egg shells and coffee grounds…also banana peels are very good and nutritious to feed roses and plants in the garden…even house plants.

I purchased Scott’s for my roses, and have Miracle Gro plant food to mix with water for my other plants….however…..I am now saving egg shells and coffee grounds to add to their soil along with water of course.  You can also if you hard boil eggs, use the water the eggs were boiled in to add to the mixture.  Just make sure you allow the water to cool!

Some people put the mixture into a blender then add to their pots or garden bed, or just use your mortar and pestle to grind down your egg shells to add to your coffee grounds and water if you have a small amount of plants to feed.

I am storing my egg shells and grounds in the fridge until I have a reasonable supply to feed.  The egg shells are being kept in water in a container….(if you choose just to use shells)…best way to keep them fresh.

Here is just one article to read about it but there are many articles on it just search it on Google.  I typed in egg shells and coffee grounds for plants and quite a bit came up.

Have a blessed and healthy weekend, remember today is Earth Day!


Earth Day 2017


Good Saturday morning, and today is Earth Day!

It falls on the 22nd of April.

Since I have three cats…when I saw this little picture, I just had to have it for my post.

What will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day?

I have no idea what my plans are for the day to be honest, it is already beginning to warm up…it is going to be a 95 degree day, and at this hour it is 81 degrees outside.


Earlier this morning I noticed one of my hummingbird feeders was depleted, it hangs under the front awning and closest to the kumquat tree where little hummers enjoy living.  After cats were fed and before my coffee I just had to replenish for them, they seem to enjoy this one from the three of them under the awning the best.  After I got in and tidied up my kitchen sink, I looked out to see two youths enjoying the nice cool syrup.

(You can tell the youths from the adults by the size of their beaks)

I don’t purchase the nectar sold in stores because that red nectar is not good for them at all and it eats into their insides.

The preferred recipe to make your own and I found the recipe when I joined a hummingbird lovers group is:  

1 cup of pure cane sugar to 4 cups of water

Boil the water, then add the sugar, stir until dissolved. Allow to cool then the syrup can be stored in the fridge for one week.  

During warm/hot seasons, feeders must be changed everyday to every other day depending on where you have your feeders hanging because….the heat/sun turns the sugar to sugar alcohol and it is not good at all for your delicate little winged friends.

I make sure when I refresh them to rinse them out well in hot water and I use a little bottle brush to go through all of the feeder holes, a paper towel to scrape along the sides inside the bottles to make sure there is no residue. Mold doesn’t accumulate on mine, but should it accumulate on yours…hot soapy water or a spot of bleach….rinse very, very well please so no odor is present…it could harm them.

12628053_565067976988462_619696322_n (1)

I just let my indoor/outdoor kitty out…HoBo and did a walk around the plants and trees.  I water every other day and decided since it is going to be very warm out I had better give them all some water, so that is what I must do before I begin anything else to keep them hydrated and happy.

Little picture above is HoBo up on my next door neighbor’s grapefruit tree…taken last year.  The bird on the bird house is artificial.  My neighbor is 83, and thought it would be a nice touch!  Very cute, and I just wonder if HoBo thought it was a real bird! 😉

Whatever your plans are for this day, I hope they are full of love and joy.

Have a happy day!


Happy Friday morning


Good morning!

Enjoying a cuppa and watching the hummingbirds outside my front window, listening to the songs of the different birds around my place.  So very delightful and peaceful.

My cats got me up early as they always do, they had their wet meals…dry is always out along with water of course, but they are always ready for breakfast.  Right now each of them are fast asleep.

I have three cats, each one came here from someplace, cats I suppose no one wanted…each of them are quite special to me, I enjoy spoiling them and love them dearly.

Romeo, Rose and HoBo.  Romeo and Rose are indoor only and HoBo is quite the adventurer, so he prefers to go in and out and is quite happy about it.

Do you have pets?

Today is going to be 92 degrees, and tomorrow is slated for 95 degrees!  Getting warmer! Soon I will need to use the air but for now shades adjusted to keep bright sun out and use the fans.

What is the weather doing in your area?

I don’t know just yet what my plans will be for today, I am always busy but I will find the time for either working outside, or perhaps sewing a flannel quilt I had started before I was diagnosed with cancer.  I should really work on it before moving on to the curtains for my room and the kitchen.  I don’t like a build up of projects.

When I was into crocheting and knitting heavily, I had not only a build up of yarn and a vast selection of hooks and needles, but projects I had started, stopped and restarted.  I found that I was not the only one with that issue…so many of us out there, but I don’t ever want my sewing projects to be like that.

I still enjoy crocheting and knitting however sold all of my yarn at a yard sale and donated many, many crocheted hats with flowers to a hospital in San Diego.  I kept three throws I crocheted and let the rest of them go at the yard sale for a song…just to get rid of them and they actually made the purchaser very happy, so that is what it is all about.  I can always pick up what I need if the urge comes back around again but for now I want to focus on making designer pillows/pillow covers so I can get some of the things around my place that needs to be done….done!

I mentioned that on my page I created yesterday.

Do you crochet or knit?  What do you enjoy making?

Well, I had better scoot along as the morning is slipping by already…everything goes by so quickly and you don’t really realize it until you glance at the clock!

I want to try very hard to continue on with posting photos of my roses and add them to my page.  I have so many of them to share so don’t give up on me just yet…I wish this program for this blog had a drag and drop feature for photos…would be so much quicker 😉

Have a lovely day!


I love to sew


Good afternoon, thank you for visiting and I hope each of you that are with cancer like me are finding a bit of sunshine and joy in your day.

I added another page to my blog this morning, ‘Sewing’!  I love to sew and I will be posting on that page as I progress along with my projects.

Do hope if you sew, you will stop by from time to time!

My current projects are going to be curtains.

Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday evening with roses and fabric

This evening I created a new page for ‘Roses’.

I love roses and always wanted my own to care for and admire.

While gathering pictures to put into the page is a bit of work, I got the first two rose bushes posted, but have 10 more to post about.

I will be working a little bit at a time on that page as I can and too…posting updates to keep it current.

I plan to post additional pages of my potted plants, flowers and trees because I can keep them all right here on my blog and I may even be adding a recipe page and a craft page.

I do have a variety of interests and even so I am with my form of cancer; Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4, I still have my life to enjoy with what I enjoy.  It keeps me full of hope and keeps me positive!

Today was a great day…no appointments first of all, and secondly I went to the fabric store and purchased fabric to sew up new bedroom curtains for myself!

Currently there are drapes at the window and they must leave!  So they will come down along with the rod they are on…a new rod will go up along with the new curtains.

I also picked up a nifty little tool to help make hems much easier while turning over allowances and pressing.  I had three coupons, one for 40% off my fabric, one for 50% off my new nifty tool, and one for $10.00 off my order over a certain dollar amount.  So a good deal of savings as items you need or want can add up quickly.

Tomorrow I will wash my fabric up since it is an all cotton premium unbleached muslin fabric.  I wouldn’t want to sew them up and when they need to be laundered see them shrunk a couple of inches!  You should always wash, dry and press your fabrics anyway to remove residues from manufacturing, all of the hands that have touched or handled your fabrics.  The bolt my fabric came off on was a brand new, a never cut into bolt, but still many hands touch everything and you want your projects nice and clean and fresh.

So that is on my list of to do’s for Thursday along with a few other things.

I hope you had a lovely day, and had the time to do somethings you enjoy too.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!


Happy Easter


I would like to wish everyone a very blessed and happy Easter.

Mom and myself will be having a nice and nutritious Easter dinner, dessert of course…never nutritious but always too good to say no to!

As for my treatments, I have had two chemo therapy treatments, one iron Iv on Thursday, and six days a week white blood cell shots.  Labs every Monday.

Last week I had to take Lasix for big baggy eyes just for three days, go to the lab on that Friday and then see the Dr. on Monday.  Dr.  told me sometimes that happens, maybe too much salt in my diet, but the swelling had gone down quite a bit.  They look normal now.

The only other thing I experience is sternum pain, and that travels around to the middle of my back, then back again.  That pain is caused from the shots.

Other then that, I still have hair, but it hasn’t grown, and no other discomforts.

I keep myself busy all of the time, I can’t help it!  I am always outside with the plants and have added so many since I last wrote to my garden.  I think I will do a post just on my potted flowers, and not put them in this post.

I hope those of you that have cancer are each doing well and I will be visiting your blogs over this Easter weekend.

As soon as I finish this post, I am going to do my laundry!  Yay!  I love it when it is all done.  I already had my shot at noon, mom and I had lunch, dishes are done up and put away so now ready for this task.

Have a wonderful weekend and ‘Happy Easter’