I have always loved to sew, and got my very first sewing machine for my 10th birthday, a Necchi from my parents.

I have two Brother sewing machines now…love them both.

I made gathered waist band skirts with pockets, a couple of them had rick rack trim, simple tops…sleeveless, jumpers with puffy sleeved tops to go underneath.

My favorite fabrics were gingham checks and calico prints and corduroy at that time.

As I progressed along with sewing and over the years all of my maternity clothing and my daughters school clothes, many of them.  I also made my husband a bathrobe.

With working and most of the time as the years flew by…two full time jobs, sewing was always on my mind, something I would rather be doing of course, but work was primary.

Now that I am retired and have my own home, a mobile home purchased from my mother…it was my parents retirement home…I am ready to once again sew!

Yesterday I purchased fabric for new curtains for my bedroom, and just a few minutes ago, I ordered my fabric for new kitchen curtains.

I have two bathrooms to make new curtains for and another bedroom to make curtains for, but sewing those needs to wait for awhile.  I will purchase the fabric and sew them up at a future date.

They are my mother’s choice of curtains in those areas…I don’t like them at all, but it is important to keep mother’s happy too.  My mother is 88 years old and I don’t want her upset over something so small to me, but could be large to her.


I just came in from the long front porch where aged white wicker chairs are…that is another project in itself…the wicker my mother brought with her was never meant to be placed outside and little white paint chips come off of it.  They are years old, but still in safe shape for sitting and enjoying….Scrubbing and repainting those is on my list of things to do in the very near future.  The reason I brought that up is when fabric shopping yesterday, I saw some beautiful outdoor fabric that would be perfect to make new pillows for!  A nice project to get involved with.  I like….I did it myself projects.

I moved here with a ton of good fabrics, upholstery grade fabrics, unusual prints of fabrics made for making items for the home, along with many other prints…no solids.

Cording (it gets covered), interesting trims, unusual buttons is what I will be looking for to make decorator pillow covers to put up for sale.

When I look at decorator pillows on various sites, they are ‘one dimensional’, many with stamped on details.  When I look at magazines such as Architectural Digest, Southern Living…I see more of a designers touch in scatter pillows for chairs and sofa’s created using better fabrics, unique trims and styles…they do not all look the same.  They are stunning.  That is what I will be creating…stunning pillow covers.  This way people can put their own pillow form of choice in them, feather or polyester….and of course I will offer them if the customer would rather purchase that way.


This home I purchased came along with ‘things that need to be done’, and it is my intention to get those things done.  Sewing will be my way of doing so.

So on my way for now to do a few things, and wash up the fabric I purchased yesterday.  I hope to get some pictures up as I go along!