Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year, and when I do most of my shopping for flowers and plants.

Roses have always been one of my favorite flowers and I have always wanted my own bushes.

Living in my own mobile home now with plenty of garden space on my lot I have just this year started my rose collection.

Each of my rose bushes must be planted in large planting pots…I have chosen resin whisky barrels to plant in as they are deep enough and wide enough to handle their roots.  I didn’t have to have holes drilled and they won’t rot out.

I purchased my planters and all of my potting soil at Lowe’s.  I prefer Miracle Gro. potting soil.

 Pots are necessary because there are gophers, squirrels and rabbits where I live that like roots and blossoms!

So far I have a dozen bushes…I say so far because I want to add more next year.

Each of these bushes have been placed out in front in and around two Indian Hawthorne bushes my parents planted in huge wooden whisky barrels 20 years ago.

The Indian Hawthorne bushes are quite beautiful and in the Spring bloom with little pink flowers over the entire size of the bush.

Those bushes get trimmed once or twice a year and I have our on site gardener do that for me with his electric trimmer and the shape is round.

California gold rock has been laid in the front however, over the years of blowing out leaves from the bushes, I could use a couple of bags to fill in some of the skimpy spots, but I want to wait on that to see how additional bushes will be placed first and I can always fill in later….so not a priority right now.


I was driving home from my Oncologists office after having a shot, and saw a lot of plants out in front of the True Value store.  I found a parking spot right in front of the store and in front of the rose bushes!  I didn’t see a price, went in to inquire with the clerk at the register and went back outside to select this bush….first one!

The first bush I selected was Brides Dream, a hybrid tea rose

17353259_744721339029559_1047444920967917382_n (1)


I added Bacopa in white around this bush and it has already filled in nicely!

Second bush Pink Peace, a hybrid tea rose


17426085_745749835593376_6904944513979338343_n (1)

I added lavender Bacopa around this bush and it too has filled in nicely.  See both pictures below.

Brides Dream with Bacopa filled in and picture taken a few days ago with new growth on the bush.


 Pink Peace filled in with lavender Bacopa and new growth on the bush.


Aftermath of planting these two rose bushes and Bacopa

Containers the rose bushes were in…tsk, tsk…

17309655_745752052259821_6748363656031519174_n (1)

Finished planting the Bacopa

17309355_745751605593199_4171314639140379173_n (1)

About Bacopa


Lavender Blue



Part Sun, Sun



Under 6 inches to 12 inches


2-3 feet wide




I am in zone 9 so it seems like most everything that I have picked up that reads ‘Annual’ is Perennial.  Actually my tags read ‘Perennial’ if I remember correctly.  Needless to say…they are doing well now and I know they will be here next season and the next.

Note 04/19/17

I will leave posting for this evening and continue on tomorrow as I have much to post!

Posting some more photos today 04/22/17

 20170421_115818 (1)

This is Mister Lincoln

This rose I purchased from Martinez Rose Farm and as with each of his rose bushes they are only $12.00 each vs purchasing at a big box garden outlet which is doubled and some in price…but they don’t carry Mister Lincoln.

This rose is very fragrant and stands out in the crowd with a good saturated red among the pink choices I have so far.


Mister Lincoln’s first rose and this photo shows how velvety each petal is.


Resin whisky barrel with four miniature rose bushes, pink (I had just pinched off a rose that needed to be dead headed), red, yellow with a touch of peach, and white.

They have already grown quite a bit, and have a lot more filling up and out to do…I just love them and they are each fragrant.

I have a little squat clay pot with Lobelia tucked around the rose bushes.  I have such good luck with my Lobelia and have it tucked in and around many of my plants along the long covered driveway….


This pot holds a small geranium plant that should be blooming soon…I had to pinch it way back because a little green worm had eaten holes in her leaves….so now it seems to be coming along nicely.

But the purpose of this photo was to show you Loebelia that is only two years old and two small plugs…it really grows and spreads.


I love this rose it is called Iceberg and one that I purchased at Lowe’s.  It has very green leaves, and snowy white roses that bloom profusely and with a slight fragrance.  I added lavender Bacopa to this pot for a little interest.

Behind on the right is ice plant I pulled some of it up out back to pot so I could plant my little citrus trees…needed the space.  Such a beautiful deep pink shade.

You can see one leaf on the right of a pot of gladiolus I am anxiously awaiting to bloom…all colors I hope, at least that is what the package of 16 showed…but you never know!  🙂  That is okay, I love surprises!  I also have some tuberous rose bulbs in this pot too…a little interest!

Directly behind is a pot of tuberous roses I am also waiting on patiently and my cucumber plant!  Very small when I got it, growing quite well here.  I will have another page with other plants and trees and show more of those…just as soon as I get them up!  🙂


Easy Going is the name of this beautiful rose bush, and I got this one again at Martinez Rose Farm.  This bush along with Bewitched, and Mr. Lincoln need to be potted and I haven’t yet decided what pots I want for them.  Mr. Martinez told me that each of these bushes are still young and can stay in their containers for up to 6 months.  I am not going to wait that long to pot them up…before summer arrives which is in June.  I have a little time to decide and purchase…along with pots come large bags of potting soil…it adds up!


This is Bella Roma, and my mother purchased this one for in front of the window and between the Indian Hawthorne bushes.  It is a beautiful, beautiful rose, very fragrant and I selected this one because it had the most blossoms on it, the trunk of the tree was thicker and straight, Mr. Martinez put a nice stick along side of it to keep it nice and straight as it grows.

This rose tree has a nice wide and deep pot…and this photo shows white Bacopa planted around it the day I and with the help of my dear neighbor Ed Sr., potted the tree.

The following day I went out and purchased two six packs of Loebelia to fill in and currently it is filling in nicely, however all but one bud remains on the tree to open.

This tree is quite young and has a lot of filling out to do, and will be beautifully filled out season after season.


Oh how I love this climbing pale pink rose bush, and the day I purchased more Loebelia, I just had to have it for out front and by my kumquat tree!!

When I was driving home from Lowe’s, I passed a home that had this exact same bush and it was huge and loaded with pale pink roses.  Her climber was all over the place…they get up to 14 feet tall, and I want to train it as it reaches the top of this trellis to go to the right and fill in with another trellis.  In time it will all look stunning!  There is also a slight fragrance to this little rose.

So that concludes my rose photos at this time.  I will be updating as they grow along, the three roses I mentioned above are in new pots and when Bella Roma fills out!

I hope you enjoyed!