Happy Saturday and good news

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Good morning and happy Saturday!

Wednesday, I took myself to the ER because I felt like something was up under my rib cage on the left side. I wasn’t in pain, but very, very uncomfortable.

Lab and a CT scan, lots of waiting for results.  My scan revealed a kidney stone which the Dr in the ER felt may have been a problem, I…with my inexperienced mind said I didn’t realize my kidneys were up under my rib cage!  Explained to me that flank discomfort or pain could be the result of why I am here, that he is general medicine and it is best that I go over the results of the scan with my Dr.s.   He also told me I had a slightly enlarged spleen, very mild ascites…which was a good thing and happy I had cancelled the paracentesis procedure, fatty liver and an aortic embolism at 3 cm. He told me they don’t worry about those until they are at 5cm.

My Oncologist appointment was for the next day and took a copy of the report into her. She stated good news, the chemo therapy is working and your stomach tumor has shrunk!!  The CT scan had revealed a lessor size than the original scan done in January. She told me that Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is the easiest cancer to treat and it is usually six treatments. I had the first of those earlier in the month.

I go in on Monday for a B-12 shot, the lab and the 4th and 5th for chemo.

So I am feeling okay, still have that sensation of something under my rib cage and she said about that the Leukine shots can affect the bones and that may be what I am experiencing along with the slightly enlarged spleen. My Dr. also told me not to take the Atorvastatin for cholesterol while in chemo treatments, and I told her I stopped a couple of weeks ago because I have been on it for a couple of years and it was affecting the muscles in my legs and feet…took myself off and had advised my PCP about it.  I am going to refuse taking it again in the future and manage the cholesterol differently.  I love grapefruit and could eat a couple of them a day!  I can also manage with different supplements over the counter. I asked her about the fatty liver and told her I do not drink alcohol at all and don’t understand why my liver would be fatty.  She said…American diets, and most of us have a fatty liver due to diet.

I dropped off a copy of the ER report to my PCP, and when I got home his office called and I have an appointment with him on the 28th.  Most likely will go over the embolism and I may be referred to a Cardiologist for it per my Oncologist.

Such an experience maturing in age!  It seems like after 60…things begin to change and I hear that from people in the waiting rooms…from both men and women!

I have lost 17 pounds since January, and while I am not obese…that is a good thing.  When your no longer working out in the world, your body can change and the most exercise can be just from daily chores, and walking.  I have been working quite a bit in my garden, yard so I feel that exercise has helped with the weight loss and too…I don’t eat three times a day, sometimes just once and a snack.

I love to sew and had started a quilt, all of my fabrics cut and partially sewn squares before I was diagnosed with cancer.  Suddenly, all of that stopped, but now I want to resume that project and go forward with my sewing.

I also want to know that aortic embolism can be treated so I don’t have  to worry about that, and hope it isn’t through surgery.  I want to remain very positive and hope that it is not going to be another serious thing going on.  Maybe medication will help it, I have no idea.

So a few issues, but she was pleased with that CT scan and that with the chemo treatment I had already the largest of the tumor had shrunk.



Plenty of sunshine today even so the temps will be a bit milder, and an all around pretty day. I will be out to putter around with my plants.

I have tuberous rose, gladiolus and white tulips that are coming up in their pots, my cherry tomato plant is growing, and yesterday I planted California poppy along with some Viola to complement the color of the poppy and a Senetti plant each in their own barrels along with Bacopa that will mound and trail.


Senetti with Bacopa in white


Picture of Senetti plant before planting.  This plant was given to me by my sister.  I had watched her dogs for her while she took our mother to her doctor appointment and she thanked me with this plant.


California poppy plants, three of them with viola’s that are the same color but have a touch of a deep, deep purple.

They are doing well this morning, first thing I checked on when I got up this morning, and are placed where they will get plenty of sunshine.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I am going to do a few things around the house, outside and get into my sewing today.


A Bloated Belly

I had noticed over the course of a couple of weeks my stomach was growing and I hadn’t changed any of my eating habits, I was functioning as I normally do around the house, with everyday life but was becoming increasingly winded.

I made an appointment to see my Dr. for the 26th of January, Thursday.  A stat CT scan was ordered along with several different lab tests.  With my insurance an authorization was required for the scan so my Dr wanted me to go to the emergency room stating it would be done there along with the lab work because of my condition.  I also learned before seeing my physician that I had gained 10 pounds Yikes!

I left his office, came home to prepare dinner for my elderly Mother, feed my cats their wet meals, fresh water in bowls and refreshed liter boxes, washed up the dishes because I didn’t know if I would be there late and wanted everything in order for them.

I called my sister to let her know and would keep her informed.

I arrived to the emergency room at 5:00 PM, it wasn’t busy at all and my name was called quickly, seen the ER Dr., and tests were ordered. A lot of lab. An IV was inserted before my scan as a contrast is inserted via the IV.  My tests were completed by 8:20 PM so now it was just a matter of waiting for the results of those tests.

At 10:00 PM I learn that I am going to be admitted.  I let my family know and my sister came to spend the night with our Mother and to tend to my three cats in the morning along with Mom.

I was so very tired, waiting and a bit anxious of course and so grateful to have a nice room and nurse to make me feel comfortable and to get some much needed rest.  I was given something for nausea and for a headache I was also NPO….so no nothing to eat or drink per physicians orders.

My nurse told me my Dr. would be in in the morning and he was quite early and went over a procedure he was ordering for me called ‘parenthesis’.  Draining the fluid from my stomach, and an EGD procedure to send a small camera down into my stomach to take a look around with a biopsy of a very large soft tissue mass seen on the CT scan. It was his opinion from that scan that my soft tissue mass may be cancerous. More lab and blood cultures, and an antibiotic medication vessel was attached to my IV.

The next day I met an Oncologist. She told me she wanted to see me in her office the following Thursday. She seemed very nice.

Sunday the 29th I was discharged and the results of the biopsy had not yet come through so no reason to keep me there, besides I felt good.  My Dr. stopped by my room to let me know I could go home and I was to contact his office on Monday so an authorization could be processed to see the Oncologist.

I will leave this post for this evening and continue on with my story tomorrow.