Tuesday and chemo day


Good afternoon!

The sun is shining nicely and at 83 degrees.  Nice all this week but we may have some rain coming this weekend.

Had chemo this morning.  My appointment was at 8:00.  Had a B-12 shot, one for nausea and vomiting, two Tylenol tablets, Benedryl and Chemo meds running through with sterile Saline.  I didn’t become nauseated at all, the Benedryl makes you a little sleepy however, but in the end your wide awake to drive home.   I go in tomorrow morning for another round of the same at 10:00.  Today’s visit was 3 hours.

New schedule given for shots, labs, chemo and Oncologist appointments for the rest of this month and first week of May.  Made all of my lab appointments on line so I can just go in and not have to wait.

I had the nurse leave my IV port in my arm so I wouldn’t have to be re poked again, she wrapped it all up in a nice blue bandage to protect it and I am able to do things around the house with it, doesn’t hurt or interfere with anything at all.

I met a nice lady today, we sat together for our treatments.  She has breast cancer stage 4.  Such a dear lady with two adult teens living in her home and not at all helpful to her.  I felt badly for her and her story she shared with me, left first because I was on time for my appointment, she was late for her’s and wished her well, hoped to see her again.

I don’t know if I mentioned in my other post or not but I said to my nurse I didn’t think my hair had grown since I had it trimmed and she said probably not, it will begin thinning and you may or may not have some hair loss.  The lady I sat with today lost most of hers, and she truly had a good attitude about it.  I will too.  All you can do.

I overheard another lady this morning being reprimanded for drinking while on chemo!  I pretended I didn’t overhear but I thought to myself….wow, why would you be doing that!  She drinks hard liquor, told the nurse she cut back to half the amount she is use to drinking….everyday!! Maybe it is her way to sooth herself with her own journey or an old habit difficult to break.  I wish her well with her efforts to cut back, she looked so sincere at the nurse while speaking to her.

Well, I have dinner in the crock pot!  Making a nice vegetable beef soup for my mother and I for dinner.  It smells good already!

Have a wonderful day


Choppy days ahead I guess


In today’s mail I received an authorization from my insurance…for a medication by the name of Palonosetron HCl…had to go look that one up and found out what it is for since I apparently will be given ten of them. Not all at once of course. I hope not anyway!

Aloxi (palonosetron hydrochloride) is an antiemetic and anti-nausea agent used to prevent nausea and vomiting that may be caused by surgery or by medicine to treat cancer (chemotherapy or radiation).

I have more chemotherapy scheduled for the 4th and 5th of next month and I also noted on my schedule a bit stronger dose one after the other, so I guess they are making sure I have this medication.  So far I haven’t had but one reaction and the nurse told me it was to the Benadryl given piggy back with my IV of Sterile Saline…before my first chemo treatment!

I am also this next week on one of my visits to have iron given to me via IV.  Nurse J was going to do this on Thursday but since one patient was having a reaction to it she said she couldn’t handle two of us, so she would see that I get it this next week.

One of the Dr’s gave me and another person that came into the office today our shots of Leukine.  I told him he gives a good shot!  Never felt a thing!

Stopped by Big Lots on my way home, haven’t been there in a couple of years and felt like sitting down for a moment on one of their recliner chairs after walking through the store…well!  Then I could not get out of it!  Lol!!  My legs were not strong enough to push the recliner part down and the mgr. of the store had to help me out of my chair!  Lol!!  I really tweaked my back pushing and pushing with my legs like I did, so took a Tylenol for it a bit later and feel like it never happened…so embarrassing!  🙂   He mentioned this particular brand seems to be difficult for many people and offered to show me another chair….I smiled and said ‘oh no…I am not shopping for furniture today, but thank you’!  So that was rather fun!  I decided to treat myself to the breakfast I didn’t eat yet so stopped into one of the cities favorite places and enjoyed every bite of it along with a big glass of water with lemon!  (That is when I took my Tylenol)

It is in the high 80’s today and I feel like being lazy.  I had originally planned to work outside, but changed my mind after the chair thing.  Maybe when the sun goes down a bit more I will go out an putter around some but nothing serious on this day.  I did purchase two new cute, cute pair of gardening gloves and a very nice and soft knee pad.  I have another kind of knee pad but like this new one much better and can’t wait to use it!

How is your Saturday going?  Your weather?  I hope just fine and the weather nice for you.

We shall chat a bit later, have a wonderful evening!


First and second Chemo treatments

March 7th was my first chemo treatment, my appointment was for 8:15 in the morning in another city nearby…just this one time because I would be there for 4-5 hours…and I was.

Transportation picked me up just a little after 7:00 in the morning, I arrived at Loma Linda Medical Center a half hour before my scheduled appointment.  There were so many people in the waiting area…all waiting for treatment.

My nurse was there, I was seated in a comfortable chair, IV pole right next to me.  My nurse asked me if I had taken my Tylenol and Benadryl, yes I had…another nurse cut in and said I would be receiving more Benadryl via IV…which I had a slight reaction to…made me feel like I was a little confused.

Sterile Saline is run into the vein once the IV is started, then came along a couple of other smaller pouches piggy backed into the Saline.  I did become sick to my stomach…in part because I did not eat anything, and a mild reaction to that Benadryl.  It didn’t last long however.  I also had a B12 shot.

Transportation picked me up right away, and when I got home…I took a nap!  I was tired. I think I was tired more because I did not sleep well the night before and got up extra early to feed my three cats, make my Mother’s breakfast, prepare her a plate for lunch and make sure she had plenty of water.  Mom is sedentary and 88 years old.

Today, March 8th I had an early morning appointment at the local office…they have two offices, and my local office will be where I will go from now on….I had a chemo treatment and that lasted for one hour.  You get the drug along with the Sterile Saline.  I truly don’t feel anything.

Tomorrow morning I have to take 500 mg of Tylenol, 25 mg of Benadryl and 75 mg of Zantac one half hour before all of my Leukine shots. After tomorrow’s shot I have more shots coming….10 of them and even on Saturday and Sunday. A shot a day. I was handed a schedule.  Each Monday beginning the 13th of March through April 3rd I have lab appointments for three different non fasting lab tests.  I will see the Dr. on the 23rd of the month. April 3rd & 4th chemo treatments.

I was to begin with iron today, but a patient was having a reaction to her iron which is given through the IV and my nurse told me she would put mine off for another day and too because I had experienced a reaction yesterday as well as she didn’t want two patients with reactions!  So that made sense to me!

I gave my sister a copy of my treatment schedule so she knows what is going on, where I will be at different times of each day.  My sister is a huge help to me in the care of our Mother.  She comes over twice a week to bathe and shampoo her hair and goes through her bathroom that I have a weak stomach about…I truly do.  So yes…a huge help.  She has also helped with our Mother’s wash, but I do it up as well. Between us, we are always busy.  If my sister can not come her daughter, my niece will come by after her work to see that Mom is bathed and her hair shampoo’d.  So as long as her needs are meant we are all good.

I don’t know how I will feel as things progress along, my own PCP had cancer and told my sister that it was rough on him and there was no way I would be able to continue on with the care of our Mother.  While everyone is different, we will need to see how things go. I don’t feel any different today then I did last week with two chemo treatments behind me, but I don’t know how those shots or if those shots will change things for me…will have to see after that first one.

I also noticed on my schedule my chemo amounts increase in April so perhaps things will all change but I am still going to remain positive and do my best. It is about all one can do.

I will keep us updated on everything I experience, until then…have a great evening!