Changes are coming

Hello friends.

My mother is now in hospice care and living with my niece and sister.  Hospice comes in 5 days a week, a team of them to assist with specific care.  Her life expectancy is delicate at this time.

Mom and I shared certain expenses, now I will have them…however, it is necessary for me to drop cable TV, internet, and my T Mobile phone service. I signed up for a free phone and service which is a government program for low income people, and at least I will have a phone to use for emergencies.  I will begin using that one on a regular basis at the end of the month.  Cable and internet will go off before the end of the month. I will be able to use the WiFi in the club house to pop in from time to time with FB.  I will not use public internet services to pay bills.

Monday I was on the phone all day contacting all of my credit cards for paper bills.  I haven’t seen one of those in years!  Snail mail or a telephone call to each for payment for some time.

Once my cards are down to zero, I can then consider a provider for cable and internet.  At this time there is no room in my budget period.  In a couple of months I will be applying for food stamps, I will need them then.

Family members will be collecting moms television set, the piece of furniture it sets on, and many other items that go to others.

Many changes are coming, however I am keeping positive about them and not going to put any effort into worry or what will I do without the conveniences I have enjoyed since internet was born.

I am going to put all efforts into taking care of myself, read books, sew, play my guitar and mandolin, participate with neighbors and friends when events are held in our club house.  Things that were difficult to get started with, complete, and no time for.

I want you to know that I am doing well with my treatments, a full body scan is still pending authorization.  I do have a lot of bruising from IV’s, but to be expected…I refused a port.  I still have hair, however it has not grown at all.  Of course that could all change, one never knows really.

I haven’t felt like posting lately with everything going on within the family, but will as I can.

I hope each of you are well and fine, and for those with treatments like me…doing well.

Take care

Happy Mother’s Day

4 thoughts on “Changes are coming

  1. Sandy, I am very sorry to hear about your mom and the many changes taking place in your life. I know if can be difficult, but you are strong and I admire your for that. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish the very best for you. Take care and know you have friends here. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Terry, at current dementia and heart issues…the hospice people say at any time to 3-5 months. Things in general are an adjustment, but I my faith will get me through much. Take care my friend, know that I keep you in my prayers, and I hope each day will get better and better for you. 🙂

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  2. You will be missed by many when you’re off the internet. Sometimes I feel like it’s always been there but then I read my mother’s diaries which she wrote from 14yrs until about 6yrs ago when she gradually slipped into senile dementia.
    I’ve never managed longer than the odd week here and there but am touched by your entries in this blog and can visualise you & your Mum as I read and hold you in prayer.
    You are loved and cared for across the world and I so hope this will continue to give you strength as you face this new, uncertain future.
    Much love xxx

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    • Oh Wendy, thank you so much for writing such a beautiful message to me. I will cherish it always. ❤ I spent the day into the evening hours with my mother and cried when it was time to leave and all the way home. I was a mess…all by myself in my car. I always want to be strong and carry on with my life, but after seeing the changes my mother is experiencing it was just all too much. I couldn't help to wonder what is she thinking about the changes she is living with, moving from her home into another…yes with family where the home is much better for her to maneuver in, but it isn't her home…and I felt she is trying to cope, but yes the dementia, the changes in environment, just everything for me was heart breaking. They are so delicate in that time of their life and while it may be the way our bodies, minds…are preparing for that journey home…well I can only say it was something I thought about driving home and simply cried. I will miss my mother very much. I gave my mother a lovely card and gifts of course for mother's day, and a separate card to thank her for all she has ever done for me and that I would be the very best caretaker of this home I purchased from her that was my parents retirement home. She cried, and understood. I plan to see her one day this week…after one of my appointments…(that I am becoming exhausted with) every day I am at the Oncologists office and it becomes daunting. I am grateful for the treatment, but you know what I mean, it isn't normal for me and I know many of the patients I speak with feel the same way. Much love to you and we shall keep in touch always xo ❤


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