Shots clouds and wind


Good evening!

Today was shot day for me and early this morning.  I had a Leukine and a B-12 shot…one in each arm and had an appointment for lab, however I decided since I only got a couple of hours sleep last night and was extremely tired…I modified my lab appointment for tomorrow.

I see my Oncologist Thursday, I can only hope the lab reports are in for her 😉  but it simply wasn’t in the cards for me for this day.

It has been mostly cloudy all day and windy, a tiny bit of sunshine but not much or for long.  Needless to say I prefer the cooler weather and with the heat we have had with more coming, it was rather refreshing!  I just took my trash bin out for pick up in the morning, very windy, chilly, looks and feels like rain but not in the forecast!  Go figure. 🙂

What is your weather up to?


I had ordered fabric from a vendor on Etsy from South Carolina just a few days ago actually, and just received it this afternoon.

This fabric will be for kitchen windows and it is 1/8 black and white gingham. 60% cotton and 40% poly.  Very nice and this particular vendor had such a huge selection of all types of fabrics.  She is an extension of her own fabric shop in South Carolina.  Extremely reasonable as was her shipping and I must say ‘fast’!

I have one window over the kitchen sink and a door window to sew for.  Currently there is an off white at the door and yellow and white gingham in a much larger check…maybe the checks are an inch at the kitchen sink window.

Curtains my parents selected, and they have served the kitchen very well, but time for a change.  It will go well with my own decor items I have here and there and everywhere.

So…I am going to be busy at the sewing machine 😉


The club house is having a Taco’s Tuesday affair on May 9th.  I normally don’t go to these events, but two of my favorite people are the hosts and both of them are excellent cooks!

Tacos, rice, beans and dessert for $5.00 and that includes one free margarita.  I will donate my free margarita, enjoy iced tea, and have a good time, should be fun.

I have only participated in the shuffleboard Tuesdays and found it to actually be a lot of fun!  Since my diagnosis, and all the running back and forth to the medical center I stopped going but should really resume.  A great bunch of people that enjoy it as much if not more than I do.

Bingo, poker, canasta, golfing, various excursion trips, and always a pot luck for any occasion, ladies luncheons.  Always a variety of things to enjoy.  We also have a nice pool and spa, a lovely laundry room and a good sized library.  Pretty nice actually and I am happy here.

There are many, many tall palm trees, pine trees, entryway planters with flowers and the homes are not all lined up like loaves of bread at the bakery!  Lol!!  My lot is a great size as many are and a few that are smaller but I can’t complain.  I am on Social Security and the space rent, utilities are reasonable so I am here to stay…unless I was to win a lotto then I will stay and have things upgraded.  Things my parents wanted to do but with my dad passing just two years after his retirement from cancer some plans just did not come to fruition.  This is why I want to do a little at a time with my sewing.


A new week has begun and this day is nearly coming to a close.  I was able to take an hours nap…not much of a nap but at least it was something before getting up to do things I left behind this morning and prepare dinner.

I am looking forward to a productive week!

Will you be doing anything special this week?

Have a wonderful evening and a great tomorrow!!


4 thoughts on “Shots clouds and wind

  1. I think of you often Sandy and it is always a treat to read your blog and catch up with your activities, the fabrics you have chosen sounds lovely. We are so pleased with the re-decorating that we have done, now we are lacking for a flight tomorrow to England. Could get more in my case but I reach the weight limit too quickly. We are going to visit with alph’s extended family so we won’t have to pay fir much accommodation. If we did we would not be able to do the trip. Five weeks away will be nice.

    I do hope you get to do your sewing and that the news from your oncologist is encouraging.

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    • Thanks so much Jennifer! I prefer to write things on my blog because FB is just….well….different I think! Lol…best I can come up with this morning! 🙂 I have been following the decorating along with your new life and I am so happy for you. Have a grand time in England…it is so beautiful there…English gardens, castles, little shops and such, stop by and see Lucy from Attic 24 if you can!! She would be thrilled. Take lots of photos for us please!! Enjoy the accommodations because you will be safe, comfortable and have a little money left over to indulge in an excursion or two! Yes, I have the fabrics, wash them up, cut and sew…finding time in all honesty. I hope she gives me some encouraging news too!! Well Jennifer, have a wonderful, wonderful time visiting relatives, sightseeing, trying different menus and such. Love and hugs to you xoxo ❤


  2. Have fun with the sewing and I look forward to seeing some pictures of the final product. Yesterday here in Florida, the weather was feeling like Fall – windy and very cool, I felt like I was living in the wrong month, it is April, right? I hope your visit with your Oncologist goes well for you. Happy Tuesday Sandy. 🙂

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    • Oh yes, I will be posting! Lol!! I think the weather was pretty much wacky all over the planet actually…meteor showers may have had something to do with it I don’t know. My friend in Germany reported the same weather…going to be partly cloudy today and 80 degrees so we shall see! 🙂

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