Tomatoes and cucumbers in my garden

Good morning, happy Sunday!

I just did a walk around to check on my potted plants, one of my daily rituals, and while it may sound silly to some…I always let them know how beautiful they are when they flower, and how big they have grown when they are non flowering!  I like to think they appreciate it!

So this morning I thought I would share with you my one and only tomato bush, cherry tomato… that is coming along so nicely!  The sun has not traveled over to the front area just yet, so photo taken in the shade, but it stays sunny there all day until sundown.

This plant is just four weeks old, and I purchased it at True Value when it was just a wee little one.  It is healthy and will produce beautiful cherry tomatoes.

I could start my plants from seed like my neighbor does, and I may try his method for regrowth of plants…just put a slice of a tomato in ground and it will come up!  My neighbor is 83 and he has tomato plants all over his back yard area!  He definitely has a very green thumb!

One thing he does experience however are the critters getting into and eating!  I put mine right where I can see it and watch it!  They won’t bother it.


Cherry Tomato plant 04/17

I didn’t grow any last year and truly missed the delicious flavor of my home grown tomatoes.  I will savor them more this year for sure!


Tomatoes of 2015


Tomatoes of 2015

Cucumber is just two weeks old, once again a wee little plant I purchased from Lowe’s.  By the way, both of my plants are Bonnie plants, they seem to always be pest and disease free and very healthy.  The container they come in can just be put right into the soil and those little pots are biodegradable.


Cucumber 4/17

In my area, at the grocery store…cucumber’s are 0.99 cents or if on sale 0.79 cents.  If I go to Walmart, they are just 0.58 cents.

Now if I were to purchase an organic cucumber at the grocery store…$1.79 per cucumber.

Since I have not been eating organic all of my life, and do not intend to pay $1.79 for one cucumber, I decided to grow my own organic cherry tomatoes and cucumbers!

I would really love to set up a raised garden area out along the side where it gets plenty of sunshine to grow a variety of vegetables…however, I would need to invest in different things to keep the critters out, and even at that…little teeth can always find a way in! 😉

So those are my two vegetable plants to share with you this morning, and I hope if your not growing something I have inspired you to try a plant or two!

It is so rewarding to go out and pick your tomatoes, and other vegetables or fruits that you have so lovingly nurtured!

Have a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget to keep all of your plants hydrated with the warmer weather upon us.


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