Updated roses page


I opened a ‘page’ a few days ago to share my roses, and just completed posting some more photos.

I will most certainly be updating their progress, growth, any new pots I select for them and of course any new roses I choose!

By the way…I was reading that egg shells and coffee grounds…also banana peels are very good and nutritious to feed roses and plants in the garden…even house plants.

I purchased Scott’s for my roses, and have Miracle Gro plant food to mix with water for my other plants….however…..I am now saving egg shells and coffee grounds to add to their soil along with water of course.  You can also if you hard boil eggs, use the water the eggs were boiled in to add to the mixture.  Just make sure you allow the water to cool!

Some people put the mixture into a blender then add to their pots or garden bed, or just use your mortar and pestle to grind down your egg shells to add to your coffee grounds and water if you have a small amount of plants to feed.

I am storing my egg shells and grounds in the fridge until I have a reasonable supply to feed.  The egg shells are being kept in water in a container….(if you choose just to use shells)…best way to keep them fresh.

Here is just one article to read about it but there are many articles on it just search it on Google.  I typed in egg shells and coffee grounds for plants and quite a bit came up.

Have a blessed and healthy weekend, remember today is Earth Day!


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