Earth Day 2017


Good Saturday morning, and today is Earth Day!

It falls on the 22nd of April.

Since I have three cats…when I saw this little picture, I just had to have it for my post.

What will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day?

I have no idea what my plans are for the day to be honest, it is already beginning to warm up…it is going to be a 95 degree day, and at this hour it is 81 degrees outside.


Earlier this morning I noticed one of my hummingbird feeders was depleted, it hangs under the front awning and closest to the kumquat tree where little hummers enjoy living.  After cats were fed and before my coffee I just had to replenish for them, they seem to enjoy this one from the three of them under the awning the best.  After I got in and tidied up my kitchen sink, I looked out to see two youths enjoying the nice cool syrup.

(You can tell the youths from the adults by the size of their beaks)

I don’t purchase the nectar sold in stores because that red nectar is not good for them at all and it eats into their insides.

The preferred recipe to make your own and I found the recipe when I joined a hummingbird lovers group is:  

1 cup of pure cane sugar to 4 cups of water

Boil the water, then add the sugar, stir until dissolved. Allow to cool then the syrup can be stored in the fridge for one week.  

During warm/hot seasons, feeders must be changed everyday to every other day depending on where you have your feeders hanging because….the heat/sun turns the sugar to sugar alcohol and it is not good at all for your delicate little winged friends.

I make sure when I refresh them to rinse them out well in hot water and I use a little bottle brush to go through all of the feeder holes, a paper towel to scrape along the sides inside the bottles to make sure there is no residue. Mold doesn’t accumulate on mine, but should it accumulate on yours…hot soapy water or a spot of bleach….rinse very, very well please so no odor is present…it could harm them.

12628053_565067976988462_619696322_n (1)

I just let my indoor/outdoor kitty out…HoBo and did a walk around the plants and trees.  I water every other day and decided since it is going to be very warm out I had better give them all some water, so that is what I must do before I begin anything else to keep them hydrated and happy.

Little picture above is HoBo up on my next door neighbor’s grapefruit tree…taken last year.  The bird on the bird house is artificial.  My neighbor is 83, and thought it would be a nice touch!  Very cute, and I just wonder if HoBo thought it was a real bird! 😉

Whatever your plans are for this day, I hope they are full of love and joy.

Have a happy day!


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