Happy Easter


I would like to wish everyone a very blessed and happy Easter.

Mom and myself will be having a nice and nutritious Easter dinner, dessert of course…never nutritious but always too good to say no to!

As for my treatments, I have had two chemo therapy treatments, one iron Iv on Thursday, and six days a week white blood cell shots.  Labs every Monday.

Last week I had to take Lasix for big baggy eyes just for three days, go to the lab on that Friday and then see the Dr. on Monday.  Dr.  told me sometimes that happens, maybe too much salt in my diet, but the swelling had gone down quite a bit.  They look normal now.

The only other thing I experience is sternum pain, and that travels around to the middle of my back, then back again.  That pain is caused from the shots.

Other then that, I still have hair, but it hasn’t grown, and no other discomforts.

I keep myself busy all of the time, I can’t help it!  I am always outside with the plants and have added so many since I last wrote to my garden.  I think I will do a post just on my potted flowers, and not put them in this post.

I hope those of you that have cancer are each doing well and I will be visiting your blogs over this Easter weekend.

As soon as I finish this post, I am going to do my laundry!  Yay!  I love it when it is all done.  I already had my shot at noon, mom and I had lunch, dishes are done up and put away so now ready for this task.

Have a wonderful weekend and ‘Happy Easter’


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I do wish you and your family a very happy Easter. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts throughout the day and pray a little prayer wen you cross my mind.

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    • Aw…thank you so much Audrey. I hope your Easter was lovely…Mom and I enjoyed a nice quite day, ate alot of different fun things….things we shouldn’t but did….and of course our Easter meal. I did three loads of wash, had an early morning shot appointment, and cutting out early because I have another shot in the morning, then over to the lab. My shots are white blood cells and I get another one tomorrow and another B12. I wanted to pull some tiny little weeds today but didn’t get to them….tomorrow will be a better day! Love and Hugs to you and I say a prayer everynight for all of my FB friends. xoxo ❤


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