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Good Thursday morning!

Yesterday while waiting for my Leukine shot and iron IV the lobby of my Oncologist’s office has so many books and I must say…a variety too!  Anyway, I ran into a catalog from  TLC that has a beautiful variety of products for those with various needs.

I just visited the website this morning, and I can tell you the catalog offers so much more and I feel the prices were a little better on some of the items…may have been a sale catalog.  However, you can visit and find the information here they also have an 800 number you can call too…in case you would rather just call for a catalog the number is

If you do crochet or knit and have sensitive skin I highly recommend using an organic cotton yarn or an all cotton yarn if it is difficult to locate an organic yarn.

Acrylic yarns while there is such a beautiful and economical variety of them may be a bit uncomfortable to your scalp.  The loss of hair through thinning or total loss can be not only upsetting but it will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable to adjust to.  Cotton is comforting.

My Oncologist told me I would most likely experience ‘hair thinning’.  I am not looking forward to it of course, but decided to embrace it as it comes my way and find something cute to put on my head if it is going to bother me personally too much.

So thought I would share that with you.  I need to scoot along…shot appointment!

Have a beautiful day!  🙂

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