Happy Wednesday


Good afternoon and a very Happy Wednesday to each of you!

Monday if you remember, I was to go have my procedure done and I waited for an hour for my transportation…through the insurance.  To keep it short, three phone calls were made, the third telling me ‘no driver was assigned to me’!

I called the radiology dept of the hospital and reset my procedure appointment for the paracentesis on the 22nd of this month….next Wednesday as my authorization was good until the 23rd, and I have a Dr. appt. on that day.

I called the company and filed my complaint nicely however until the end of my conversation when I rescheduled my ride for the 22nd.  I said to the supervisor ‘I trust there will be no problems with this appointment I have with you, I would not want to have to make a phone call to the patient advocate and you certainly don’t want to risk the possible loss of your contract with them….I don’t know if I am the only one this has happen to’!  Oh he became so apologetic then!!  Young, and I think what I said brought forth not only a little respect with his flippant attitude, but that I may have done him a favor…then it became all too important.  Modern times….

Was able to then go in for my shot, the lab…a shot on Tuesday and one today along with my iron administered via an IV.

I really feel normal, and able to function well at this time, I just don’t like stress and confusion because I am an organized type person.

On another note

The weather has been warming up and I have been able to keep up with weeds from the last rain…Monday did the entire front.

A dear neighbor and friend of mine drove by and said she never pulls, she sprays.  I told her I have an indoor/outdoor male cat and I would not dream of spraying!   Anyway she got out of her car and handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a darling little card.  So nice of her and the flowers are doing very well!!



I love flowers and they are simply beautiful and it was very thoughtful of her.

Below I took a couple of pictures of the Carolina Jasmine all in bloom and all along the outside of the long front porch of my mobile home.



They are simply beautiful!  I love my place and being out doors puttering around.  I want to do so forever!!

Well, I hope each of you have a wonderful rest of your day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. So glad you got the traveling issue straightened out. Is a shame a person is pushed to the point of baring teeth and growling when it’s so foreign to their own character.
    Wishing you a happier rest of the week. Enjoy your gardens and those beautifully tree-shaded restful areas around your home.
    ❤ Take care ❤

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