Paracentesis appointment


Good morning!

Yesterday, early evening I came down with a crashing headache and I felt like every part of my body ached!  I thought ‘what the heck is going on’!  So, took a 500 mg Tylenol and went to bed at 6 ish, still no relief so took another one at 9:00 and fell asleep finally.

I was happy I had cooked my mother and I’s dinner, did up and put away all dishes, the cats were fed and liter boxes done before lying down.  I can’t rest properly until my chores are completed…how I am!

I had received a call from the Oncologists office to go to the lab…off I went for a non fasting blood draw as a pre op for my paracentesis procedure earlier in the afternoon, and while I was driving to the lab the radiology dept had called me and I did pick up my cell phone while driving, pushed the speaker button and got all flustered looking for a safe place to pull over and talk….I think that is what gave me my headache to be honest.

Anyway, this morning it was still with me, but not as bad…I made myself a nice pot of coffee and ‘viola’!!  My headache is completely gone!  I remembered that yesterday I only took a sip or two before going in for my shot and when your a coffee drinker…I think it is just something your body is use to having and it along with become flustered with the phone call while driving….I got the headache!

Moving forward now…the radiology dept called me just a bit ago and I will be having my procedure on Monday at 10:00.  Transportation arrangements have been made, they will be picking me up between 8-8:30 as I need to go to admitting…out patient admitting at 9:00.

No Leukine shot today is scheduled, but Saturday and Sunday each at 9:00 AM I get one, and Monday I am scheduled for one so if radiology didn’t tell my Oncologists office already, I will let them know for the shot on Monday and the Lab on Monday…I won’t be there.

At least I know where I am headed this week!  I thought I was going to have to go in today for my procedure and was thrilled my headache is now gone so I can now have a normal day…no appointments to dash off to anyway!

Yes, stomach is big, as big as it was in January when I had my stomach drained of fluid and the diagnosis finally came about from EGD with biopsy results came through….cancer.

The procedure doesn’t hurt, they give you a little something so you are comfortable, so not afraid to have it done like I was the first time!

Yesterday when I went in for my shot, I met a very nice lady with bone cancer.  She has been up and down with her treatments overtime and had the most upbeat personality!  She got her pain Rx from the Dr. and stated she can’t live without her pain medication and was off to a casino to play the slots!!  Said life is too short not to have fun and she was absolutely precious to speak with.  I truly admired her for all she has been through.

I also noted in both of the facilities I have been to that they have little baskets setting on a table here and there with beanies that people have crocheted.  The baskets are over flowing, so will be putting crocheting any at this time on the back burner.  I also noted that those with extreme hair loss are not wearing them, they are wearing all cotton fabric hats that tie up in the back.  I think the cotton fabrics are far more comfortable to the scalp then all of the acrylic beanies I saw…but if I do decide to make them in the future, it will be with organic cotton and they will be individually wrapped and placed in the baskets.

So on with my day, I want to shower, and go visit with my sister and my nephew…home from school the rest of this week after his heart procedure.  My sister has a bad headache herself today and I want to see if there isn’t something she needs help with around the house.

I was thinking our weather has changed from Winter weather to sunny and warm out now weather…maybe too that is why we girls got headaches!  I just don’t know.  Both of us can get stressed out pretty much when things don’t go smoothly and perhaps that has a lot to do with it too.

Needless to say, I am going to enjoy my day, take my big stomach to the shower now and we shall go visit for a little bit!!

Have a wonderful day!!


10 thoughts on “Paracentesis appointment

  1. Wow Sandra – that’s some experiences you’ve shared here. I’m so pleased to know that you met up with such a positive fellow sufferer – you are such a positive person yourself. I’m also glad you posted about the beanies and I shall pass this on to other friends here in the UK who are busy knitting and crocheting for their local hospitals. I hope your visit to your sister and nephew is a happy family time. Love, hugs and prayers. Wendy xxx

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    • Good morning dear Wendy! Happy Saturday, it is very sunny with temps today to be in the high 80’s. Just took my pre shot meds and getting ready to drive over for my shot of Leukine. Thank you so much for your beautiful words, keeping positive and on the upbeat is the best way to ‘beat cancer’!! Thank you for passing on the information about the beanies…I thought it was a very nice idea about the baskets on the tables with the beanies! On crocheter had very tiny little silver metal hearts stitched on hers that read..’Made with love’. Very sweet and thoughtful. My sister, nephew and I enjoyed lunch…Marie Calendar Chicken Pot Pies and iced tea together, and watched a movie! Fun, a good visit and just nice to get away for a couple of hours. My niece just bought a beautiful, beautiful home with a good sized pool, spa with a waterfall, had a key made for me so I can pop in whenever I feel like it! I wouldn’t of course but very nice of them. Well, I had better scoot along, time to drive over to the Dr’s office and get my shot. Talk to you later and thank you so much for writing!! Love you much Wendy, big hugs to you xx ❤


  2. Oh, Sandra….I really hate with a passion what you are going through. Please forgive me if that sounds bad but I can’t help being a bit mad @ that doctor for telling you the cannabis wouldn’t help. It WOULD help your pain; I know it would. You should not be dealing with discomfort…you are going through enough. I just want you well and have this stuff over with. I am so sorry to be impatient but you know, I get upset when this is happening to someone I care deeply about. I lit a candle for you last night and shall continue to do so again. I am hoping it brings you some peace and comfort and pain free. Love you…

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    • Good morning Marie! I love you too and at this time I really don’t have any pain as so many do, say with bone cancer and other cancers that have invaded different organs specifically. Should I ever experience a great deal of pain, I would prefer a more natural approach than with opioids. My PCP had ordered a non opioid Rx for pain, I took one back in January for an annoying headache, and out of the 30 I have 29 left. I let him know they did not agree with me. Tylenol is the only type of over the counter med I can take with the treatment I am receiving….No Advil and No Alka Seltzer! I have to take Tylenol, Zantac and Benadryl before each shot of Leukine and monitor my temperature. The real discomfort is my stomach fluid, and the large mass in my stomach. Fluid is being addressed on Monday, the chemo treatments will eventually melt the mass. It makes you feel like everything is shoved up under your rib cage, but no pain. I met one super happy and very nice woman Thursday when I got my first shot. She has been suffering with bone cancer for a couple of years and lives on opioids, says she can’t function without them. Everyone has a different need, and if they get her through each day with her pain, that is what she needs to have. I said a prayer for her as she left the office. I am hoping all of this for me will be over with in a timely manner, probably how many feel when they have been diagnosed with cancer, and all I can do is remain positive, upbeat, and hopeful, say my prayers for others along with myself. I lit a candle in my kitchen this morning when I woke up! I love candles and incense…I have potpourri all over the house in little places and that fragrance is lilac. Perfect for Spring. Have a wonderful day, and I will be keeping us updated as I go along. Thank you for being my friend Marie, much love to you xo ❤


  3. Absolutely love that you are upbeat and a happy soul. I do think of you throughout the day and look for you blog updates so I know how to pray. Keep on keeping on, Sandra 🤗

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    • Thank you so much dear Audrey. Keeping happy and positive is the only way to be thankful for the lives we have been so blessed to receive. I pray daily and often, and sad to say I have never really prayed much for myself but last evening I did ask the Lord to not forget about me, that I want to live and enjoy my cats and live at least long enough to see each of their lives through. They are everything to me and bring me much joy. I will keep on keeping on always and thank you so much for your beautiful message. Have a wonderful day! ❤ xx


    • I appreciate you too!! There are so many posts I need to catch up on with you, I look forward to them because you inspire me and I know so many others. I hope you have a beautiful day dear friend, 88 degrees here today and I am certain sunny and balmy where you are as well. 🙂

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  4. We are similar in the fact of having our coffee in the AM. If I don’t have a cup of coffee I will usually get a headache as well. My mother rarely had headaches and had one cuppa every morning. I as well commend you on your positive outlook, it will serve you well during this course of treatment. Our lives are very precious and making the most out of every situation is so very important. It takes a very special person to see some good in everything and I see that in you. God bless you. You are firmly planted in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day and night. God is right there with you every step of the way. I love you. Rest well dear Sandra. xoxo❤❤❤

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    • Good morning dear Susan, and I am just now having my first cuppa!! Yes, I think when your a coffee drinker and don’t have a cup…you get a headache! Yes, our lives are truly very precious and sometimes I don’t think we realize just how short life really is. When I think back to just high school…wow!! Where did all the time go to! Lol!! I do see the good in everything, there is so much good in the world and all too often what we may listen to or hear on the news can bring down our spirits, hopes and dreams. I am becoming more and more disinterested in the news, the talking heads. I am always interested in the weather however! Today it will be 88 degrees with plenty of sunshine. When I get back from my shot, I am going to be working outside today. God bless you Susan, you have been a good friend to me and I feel blessed every time we speak in post or chat. God is with us both every step of the way everyday. I love you too and I hope you have a beautiful day ❤ xoxo


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