Leukine Shot stomach fluid issues


Had my first Leukine shot this morning.  My prep done 45 mins. before shot time.  Prep is 500 mg of Tylenol, 25 mg of Benadryl and 75 mg of Zantac….one half to one hour prior to receiving the shot.

It is a shot in the upper arm, sort of on the back side of the left arm, and since this was my first dose of 10 more to go this month, I had to sit in the waiting room for a half hour so the nurse could see I was okay to drive myself home.  I had no reaction to the shot…a good thing!

I also over the past couple of days felt like my stomach was filling up with fluid again…today I look 6 months pregnant!  Dr. saw me before my shot and ordered a stat paracentesis to be done as an out patient.  My insurance has been contacted for authorization and I will hear from them sometime today probably.  The procedure will be done at the hospital.  I will know more about that a bit later on today.

I called my sister to let her know about it…she has my schedule for the entire month and part of April. I will call transportation to take me to and from the hospital…the last time I was admitted, I drove myself in and home…I don’t like for my car to be setting out in the parking lot because you never know what can happen to it now days.  So I will have the transportation company through my insurance take me to and from.

Right now, I am going to fix my mother her lunch and then go lay down for a nap with my phone nearby.  I feel a bit tired, full…even so I had one slice of dry toast to eat, and like everything is shoved up into my rib cage.  Lying down will feel best.

Have a great day and I will post any updates that I receive for my procedure.


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