First Treatment


I just got off the phone with my nurse from the Oncologists office, and my first treatment will begin on Tuesday 7th of March.  This treatment will be between 4-5 hours at the Loma Linda Medical Center.

The second treatment date will be on Wednesday 8th of March and that treatment will be just an hour, and at my Dr’s local office in my city.

My insurance has unlimited transportation so for that first visit I made an appointment with them mainly because I don’t know how I will be feeling to drive and secondly the road there is one in which everyone drives like the wild, wild West days!  Lol!

So, it begins!  My nurse told me the lab work from blood draw on Friday, came back negative…my Dr. had wanted me tested for Hep B and Hep C….baby boomer year in which I was born so that was good news.

Had an appointment yesterday with my PCP and kept him up to date with all I know.  He checked my stomach for fluid build up and also told me my spleen was enlarged.  So I said probably what I feel under my rib cage.

He also told me the chemo will melt away those tumors.  That was good news to hear.

I had my hair trimmed yesterday, I wear it short already but thought getting it trimmed just a taste shorter would be helpful with anticipated thinning…..

So all I know, I will certainly post my experience after my first treatment!

Wishing you each a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “First Treatment

  1. Sandra, I wish you well on your first treatment – all will be fine. I am glad to hear you have transportation, certainly take advantage of that. Keep us posting, we look forward to hearing more about your treatment. Happy Thursday to you. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, I am happy about the transportation as well, representative told me when I called the other day that last year it was just 30 one way trips….this year unlimited round trips! I think it is wonderful and a huge help. I will be certain to post my experience. Have a wonderful rest of your day too!! 🙂

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  2. Best of luck on your first day! I’m glad you’re getting transportation, cuz who knows. It will give you time to blog to us all! Hugs and prayers are coming your way!

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