My dad he had cancer

Last night when I went to bed, I got to thinking about my Dad and his cancer, how soon it took his life from him at 67 years young.

He was a good man, a loving husband to our Mother, a good father to his children.  I have two sisters.  He loved life, a people person and people loved him, the work he did and he loved all animals great and small. My Dad had also served in the Army at a young age and was a true patriot.

Neither one of my parents drank or did drugs. I also never heard my parents arguing.  If they did it must have been done in private.  While all children get reprimanded when they do something not acceptable, our upbringing and home was one of the best.

Dad had lung cancer.  He was a tool and die maker, tool grinder.  He drove back and forth to Los Angeles to work at his trade all of my young life and into my adult years.  I think in part his lungs were affected from his work.

His passing was difficult, over an hour while hospitalized with his family at his bedside.  I held my Dad’s hand that was warm when I arrived and became cold as he passed.

Dad had one functioning lung with just 20% capacity.

I miss him dearly and not a day goes by that I am not thinking of him, his busy life, zest for life.

While both my parents were my go to persons all through my life when I needed advice about anything, I always found my Dad to be the most understanding and without criticizing or passing judgement.  His answers to my questions were always given honestly and for my best interests.  He always had a positive attitude and I can’t recall him ever putting any of us girls down for our mistakes in life.

Below are just a few of the pictures I treasure.


Above it a photo of my Dad and my Grandmother Gladys.  My Grandmother passed away with brain cancer.


My Dad, home on leave at a very young age.  He remained a true patriot.


A small photo of my young parents after they married and before I was ever thought about!


Dad enjoying one of our neighbors parrots!  They loved him and they hung out with Dad frequently.  Our neighbor called upon him to watch over her parrots when she traveled.

This picture was taken about 5 years before his passing.

I love you Dad, I miss you and now with my own diagnosis I hope you are aware somehow and will continue to provide me with advice.  I want more than ever to have the strength and to keep my positive attitude as much as you had with my own journey.

9 thoughts on “My dad he had cancer

  1. Dear Sandra, You had a wonderful father!! So glad that you and your father were close as well. I lost my Dad to brain cancer when I was 18yrs. My father was not a talkative man and for most of his life he showed little interest in me. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with brain cancer that he and I became closer. Many years later I had a vision of my father. He was young and handsome with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. In my vision I walked up to a home of sorts…My father opened the door, greeted me with that beautiful smile…and oh, he was young, perhaps in his 30’s. He proceeded to bring me down some stairs which led into a room filled with beautiful square blocks in shapes and colors I had never seen before…He told me that my art would make me properous…He then led me up the stairs and outside, my Dad gestured for me to look up, and above us in the sky was a flowing river of beautiful colors and shapes…it reminded me of the living waters from the Bible. There was no sunshine but a beautiful light everywhere. I believe I saw a bit of Heaven …I will never forget how peaceful and serene everything was and my Father so very happy. My father when alive, did not care about the Lord. Many years after my father passed away, my mom and I found some writing my father had done inside of an old bible that belonged to my mom. Inside were notes to mom and I telling us how much he loved us and the Lord. You see, my Dad found the Lord just before he passed away. My father without a doubt was at peace finally and trying to tell me that he was happy. I felt compelled to share my story with you about my Dad. In so many ways the vision of my Dad has been a blessing in my life for so many reasons. Dear Sandra, God bless you my friend. The Lord is always there for you. He is our salvation. He will never let us fall. xoxo

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    • I enjoyed your writing very much and very happy to read you and your Dad got together. I have heard that when we go to heaven…everyone is in their 30’s. I found that interesting in your writing. Are you an artist? I am happy you and your Mom found the writings in the bible. Perhaps your Dad was a very private man and finding the writings in the bible were left there for you both to read and know that he did love you so very much. Maybe in his own childhood, it is how things were and he grew up to be a wonderful quite man that did love his family, and the Lord. I have the Lord in my heart every single day and say prayers not only for my family and self but for many. I am happy you shared your story with me as your story was special and important about your own Dad. Dad’s are very special people. God Bless you and thank you again for writing your beautiful words.


      • Dear Sandra…I wrote the message above…it’s me, Susan Rix. Susan Howes is my former last name that I used when I had a blog. Love you sweetie. You are in my prayers all the time. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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  2. Sandy:
    What a lovely rememberence and tribute to your dad. My dad passed away 7 years ago, but I feel like he’s still with me. Almost every day I will think of something funny he said or one of his colorful jokes. I do believe that our dads are watching over us. I’m so glad you’re doing this blog. I pray for you every day and love all your postings on Facebook. Keep your BEAUTIFUL spirit up, my dear friend.

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    • I believe they are watching over us as well and I feel like he is supporting my efforts to be positive, strong and set an example for others like myself. Yes, I felt a blog to journal my experiences was best and I had typed in the word ‘cancer’ in reader and I was simply shocked at how many people just on WP alone have cancer and share their own journeys. Thank you so much for your prayers and I am happy that you enjoy my posts! I love animals, things from the garden. Love to you Karen and to your family ❤ xoxo


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