A Bloated Belly

I had noticed over the course of a couple of weeks my stomach was growing and I hadn’t changed any of my eating habits, I was functioning as I normally do around the house, with everyday life but was becoming increasingly winded.

I made an appointment to see my Dr. for the 26th of January, Thursday.  A stat CT scan was ordered along with several different lab tests.  With my insurance an authorization was required for the scan so my Dr wanted me to go to the emergency room stating it would be done there along with the lab work because of my condition.  I also learned before seeing my physician that I had gained 10 pounds Yikes!

I left his office, came home to prepare dinner for my elderly Mother, feed my cats their wet meals, fresh water in bowls and refreshed liter boxes, washed up the dishes because I didn’t know if I would be there late and wanted everything in order for them.

I called my sister to let her know and would keep her informed.

I arrived to the emergency room at 5:00 PM, it wasn’t busy at all and my name was called quickly, seen the ER Dr., and tests were ordered. A lot of lab. An IV was inserted before my scan as a contrast is inserted via the IV.  My tests were completed by 8:20 PM so now it was just a matter of waiting for the results of those tests.

At 10:00 PM I learn that I am going to be admitted.  I let my family know and my sister came to spend the night with our Mother and to tend to my three cats in the morning along with Mom.

I was so very tired, waiting and a bit anxious of course and so grateful to have a nice room and nurse to make me feel comfortable and to get some much needed rest.  I was given something for nausea and for a headache I was also NPO….so no nothing to eat or drink per physicians orders.

My nurse told me my Dr. would be in in the morning and he was quite early and went over a procedure he was ordering for me called ‘parenthesis’.  Draining the fluid from my stomach, and an EGD procedure to send a small camera down into my stomach to take a look around with a biopsy of a very large soft tissue mass seen on the CT scan. It was his opinion from that scan that my soft tissue mass may be cancerous. More lab and blood cultures, and an antibiotic medication vessel was attached to my IV.

The next day I met an Oncologist. She told me she wanted to see me in her office the following Thursday. She seemed very nice.

Sunday the 29th I was discharged and the results of the biopsy had not yet come through so no reason to keep me there, besides I felt good.  My Dr. stopped by my room to let me know I could go home and I was to contact his office on Monday so an authorization could be processed to see the Oncologist.

I will leave this post for this evening and continue on with my story tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Bloated Belly

  1. My dear Sandra,
    I will accompany you on your journey although far away. Hope you’ll find some distraction by my FB posts. I’m thinking of you a lot and I pray that everything will turn out positive for you.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs,
    your friend Jutta

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    • Thank you dear Jutta, and I will over on your posts later on this evening xx Thank you for thinking of me, distance doesn’t matter at all, I am thinking positive and I pray as well. Thank you for your prayers xx Love and hugs xoxo


  2. Hi dear Sandra. I am putting together something to send to you. I wish I could include myself as well. ☺ Praying for your miracle. Love you, my dear friend. (((((Hugs)))))) 💞💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌷🌼🌻

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    • Oh!! Thank you so much Susan!! I love surprises! Yes, I wish you were being sent too, but your loving, caring messages are just like you being here! I am praying for a miracle as well. The mass is quite large Dr. said and I am wondering…surgery? No stomach? Etc…Scary thoughts. I think on Thursday, I will know something. I hope so! Love and hugs to you Susan xoxo ❤


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