A true February 15th post

I don’t know why my first post showed the 15th when it was written on the 14th, but I suspect it may have been my error…who else’s really!  I feel because I did not go into settings and select my time/area zone.  Needless to say, this is a true February 15th post and I am picking up where I left off…yesterday  Lol!!

You may also notice that my blog address has changed to:  cancerjournal.blog 

I wanted to remove any advertisements, I don’t care for them and I wanted to reach the various search engines through Word Press so I upgraded and along with that upgrade they allow you to choose another address.  On with my post now.

Monday January 30th

I contacted my PCP office and an appointment was made for me for the following day so an authorization request could be forwarded to my insurance to see the Oncologist. Within 4 days I was approved February 3rd a Friday, and contacted that office for an appointment.  I provided all of my particulars; name, insurance ID, DOB.  The receptionist then asked for my diagnosis, which I told her I didn’t have any thing on my discharge paperwork other than…’soft tissue mass’.  To that the receptionist explained that this Dr. only see’s cancer patients.  I said well maybe my PCP office has that information.  She told me she would be ordering the medical records from the hospital.  I called her back to see if they had been received and no they hadn’t.  Called again in a couple of days and they had been received.  I also told her my PCP office had called me as they had received the pathology report that documents the result of my biopsy from the EGD procedure I had at the hospital and the receptionist told me that was not in the medical records from the hospital.  PCP office will need to fax over.  They were to do so on a Monday, but didn’t until Tuesday February 7th.

I called on the 8th and was told by the receptionist that a file was being created, and will be placed on the Oncologists desk, she will write orders and I will be called with an appointment.  Friday the 10th I asked if I had been forgotten, she said ‘no you haven’t, the Dr. is gone for the day, she left early and she did not read your file or write orders nor did she read anybody else’s file’.  I then told the receptionist that I felt I was getting the run a round, and that I was not important.  I told her when I was in the hospital the Dr came into my room with my PCP and handed me her business card, wagged her finger and stated she wanted me in her office on Thursday.  However I understand that my authorization did not come through until Friday, but from Wednesday the 8th to Friday the 10th…she never looked at my medical records??  She again stated ‘no, and she will not be back into the office until Tuesday the 14th of February!  Nothing I could do at that point but wait until Tuesday.

Right after that call, my insurance company called me to see how I was after my hospital discharge, and had I seen my Oncologist.  I shared everything with them.  Very nice people by the way, and she promised to contact that office after our conversation and she would call me back on Tuesday.  She did call me and said you have an appointment with your Oncologist.  Your appointment is for February 23rd at 9:15 AM and she wrote orders for you for the lab…please go asap so those reports are on her desk by your appointment. I thanked her over and over again and went to my computer to make my lab appointment for the following day.

Lab appointment February 15th

I didn’t have to fast for my appointment so made it for 11:30 AM.  I arrived at the lab at 11:20, checked in and the lab receptionist told me she had no orders from the Oncologists office.  Handed me a business card, and asked me to call my Dr and have them faxed to her.

I called, provided the fax no. to the Dr’s receptionist and she said she faxed them over, but would not mind to fax them again…anyway the lab was extremely busy, the computers had just gone down and there was a wait.

Finally, my name was called and I was to go into room #1 for my blood draw.  I sat for 20 minutes in that chair before a very nice young man came in apologizing all over the place for the delay.  Lunches, short staffed, computer issues.  I told him not to worry about it, I understood completely.

Eight vials were drawn…why so many?  Oncologist had ordered 10 different lab tests. I got a nice wad of gauze dressing, and the tech wrapped the site of the drawn in a nice yellow bandage and off I went!

I did not complain about the wait, or anything.  I sat smiling and speaking with others that had been waiting and unfortunately for them…they did not make appointments as I did, appointments are drawn first.

I left the lab at 12:40 PM.  I left knowing that orders had been written for me, my appointment has been made and I will next Thursday know so much more than I know now.

2 thoughts on “A true February 15th post

  1. Such an ordeal, dear Sandra! That is why I am begging you to just look into other options, where you mean something to a holistic physician. Of course it is your decision to make but I do not want them stressing you out with waiting or never getting back to you, etc. You are not a number; you are a person and a beautiful one at that!

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    • Thank you dear Marie. I feel like that part is over, but I had to write it out as it is all apart of my experience thus far. I will be checking into things as I move along. I don’t know if my insurance covers holistic care firstly, and I am not well heeled, but I will be inquiring about other options never the less. I am up so early this morning, did not rest well so I know I will be taking a nap today. I visited the link on FB that you sent to me…so many people over there, and want to visit again this morning and read some of their posts. Love you, and thank you so much for your help and support xx


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