I am back on line

Good evening, and this will be just a quick post.

I have been without internet service for nearly 5 months a strong 4 months anyway, and back up this afternoon.

I am doing well, but much to share, and a bit much for this posting.  I also learned a fellow blogger lost someone very near and dear to his heart, and I am in complete shock at this moment.  Life is so precious and brief for so many wonderful people.  It has been an upsetting year all the way around not only for myself but for many of us.

I will attempt a post tomorrow, need to collect my thoughts.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Until tomorrow xx

Changes are coming

Hello friends.

My mother is now in hospice care and living with my niece and sister.  Hospice comes in 5 days a week, a team of them to assist with specific care.  Her life expectancy is delicate at this time.

Mom and I shared certain expenses, now I will have them…however, it is necessary for me to drop cable TV, internet, and my T Mobile phone service. I signed up for a free phone and service which is a government program for low income people, and at least I will have a phone to use for emergencies.  I will begin using that one on a regular basis at the end of the month.  Cable and internet will go off before the end of the month. I will be able to use the WiFi in the club house to pop in from time to time with FB.  I will not use public internet services to pay bills.

Monday I was on the phone all day contacting all of my credit cards for paper bills.  I haven’t seen one of those in years!  Snail mail or a telephone call to each for payment for some time.

Once my cards are down to zero, I can then consider a provider for cable and internet.  At this time there is no room in my budget period.  In a couple of months I will be applying for food stamps, I will need them then.

Family members will be collecting moms television set, the piece of furniture it sets on, and many other items that go to others.

Many changes are coming, however I am keeping positive about them and not going to put any effort into worry or what will I do without the conveniences I have enjoyed since internet was born.

I am going to put all efforts into taking care of myself, read books, sew, play my guitar and mandolin, participate with neighbors and friends when events are held in our club house.  Things that were difficult to get started with, complete, and no time for.

I want you to know that I am doing well with my treatments, a full body scan is still pending authorization.  I do have a lot of bruising from IV’s, but to be expected…I refused a port.  I still have hair, however it has not grown at all.  Of course that could all change, one never knows really.

I haven’t felt like posting lately with everything going on within the family, but will as I can.

I hope each of you are well and fine, and for those with treatments like me…doing well.

Take care

Happy Mother’s Day

My mother

This morning began with my 88 year old mother letting me know she felt sick to her stomach, and wanted ice water.  She wanted to rest after drinking some water.

A little later she called me into her room and was vomiting.  I called 911 and paramedics recommended she go right to the hospital.

Very high BP, heart rate not good, her blood sugar high.  My mother has diabetes 2.

My sister and myself signed paper work for no resuscitation as the process with her very frail and delicate condition…her heart, failing kidneys…is a very painful process for the patient to go through.  The cardiologist also said a pacemaker procedure at her age and with her health would not be beneficial.

So, she was admitted to a regular floor, not intensive care and my sister and myself will both be at her bedside early in the morning and hoping for an improvement with her vitals.  Her vitals are poor.

This is a very, very delicate time right now for our family and one in which none of us were prepared for.  Yesterday, she felt good and had no complaints, ate well at each meal and felt good at bedtime.  Today a very uncomfortable and painful experience at the hospital with tests, x-rays, a CT scan, IV’s and necessary medications.

Even so my mother was in and out, I was able to tell her I loved her, and she told me she loved me too.

I felt it was all I needed to say to her because it is quite possible it is all the communication I may have with her, and I didn’t want her to pass away without hearing those words.  I love you mom.

I am anxiously awaiting for morning to arrive and I am praying that overnight a miracle will happen and she will be back home where she belongs.  It is quite possible she may not be however.  Yes, very serious right now per the Dr., and nurses.

I never thought I would ever be without my mother and I have read the words of so many of my friends that have lost their mother’s and I now know how they felt.

Your heart feels broken, you feel lost, any bad memories dissipate, you only think of all the good times and you never felt this time would be near, happening to you, your family.

Love and cherish your parents always. They are the most important people you will ever know.  They gave us our lives, they loved us unconditionally, took care of us until we left home to be on our own, took us back in during times of troubles or need.  Helped us get through whatever we may be going through and just never stopped loving and caring.

I will miss my mother dearly…

Shots clouds and wind


Good evening!

Today was shot day for me and early this morning.  I had a Leukine and a B-12 shot…one in each arm and had an appointment for lab, however I decided since I only got a couple of hours sleep last night and was extremely tired…I modified my lab appointment for tomorrow.

I see my Oncologist Thursday, I can only hope the lab reports are in for her 😉  but it simply wasn’t in the cards for me for this day.

It has been mostly cloudy all day and windy, a tiny bit of sunshine but not much or for long.  Needless to say I prefer the cooler weather and with the heat we have had with more coming, it was rather refreshing!  I just took my trash bin out for pick up in the morning, very windy, chilly, looks and feels like rain but not in the forecast!  Go figure. 🙂

What is your weather up to?


I had ordered fabric from a vendor on Etsy from South Carolina just a few days ago actually, and just received it this afternoon.

This fabric will be for kitchen windows and it is 1/8 black and white gingham. 60% cotton and 40% poly.  Very nice and this particular vendor had such a huge selection of all types of fabrics.  She is an extension of her own fabric shop in South Carolina.  Extremely reasonable as was her shipping and I must say ‘fast’!

I have one window over the kitchen sink and a door window to sew for.  Currently there is an off white at the door and yellow and white gingham in a much larger check…maybe the checks are an inch at the kitchen sink window.

Curtains my parents selected, and they have served the kitchen very well, but time for a change.  It will go well with my own decor items I have here and there and everywhere.

So…I am going to be busy at the sewing machine 😉


The club house is having a Taco’s Tuesday affair on May 9th.  I normally don’t go to these events, but two of my favorite people are the hosts and both of them are excellent cooks!

Tacos, rice, beans and dessert for $5.00 and that includes one free margarita.  I will donate my free margarita, enjoy iced tea, and have a good time, should be fun.

I have only participated in the shuffleboard Tuesdays and found it to actually be a lot of fun!  Since my diagnosis, and all the running back and forth to the medical center I stopped going but should really resume.  A great bunch of people that enjoy it as much if not more than I do.

Bingo, poker, canasta, golfing, various excursion trips, and always a pot luck for any occasion, ladies luncheons.  Always a variety of things to enjoy.  We also have a nice pool and spa, a lovely laundry room and a good sized library.  Pretty nice actually and I am happy here.

There are many, many tall palm trees, pine trees, entryway planters with flowers and the homes are not all lined up like loaves of bread at the bakery!  Lol!!  My lot is a great size as many are and a few that are smaller but I can’t complain.  I am on Social Security and the space rent, utilities are reasonable so I am here to stay…unless I was to win a lotto then I will stay and have things upgraded.  Things my parents wanted to do but with my dad passing just two years after his retirement from cancer some plans just did not come to fruition.  This is why I want to do a little at a time with my sewing.


A new week has begun and this day is nearly coming to a close.  I was able to take an hours nap…not much of a nap but at least it was something before getting up to do things I left behind this morning and prepare dinner.

I am looking forward to a productive week!

Will you be doing anything special this week?

Have a wonderful evening and a great tomorrow!!


Tomatoes and cucumbers in my garden

Good morning, happy Sunday!

I just did a walk around to check on my potted plants, one of my daily rituals, and while it may sound silly to some…I always let them know how beautiful they are when they flower, and how big they have grown when they are non flowering!  I like to think they appreciate it!

So this morning I thought I would share with you my one and only tomato bush, cherry tomato… that is coming along so nicely!  The sun has not traveled over to the front area just yet, so photo taken in the shade, but it stays sunny there all day until sundown.

This plant is just four weeks old, and I purchased it at True Value when it was just a wee little one.  It is healthy and will produce beautiful cherry tomatoes.

I could start my plants from seed like my neighbor does, and I may try his method for regrowth of plants…just put a slice of a tomato in ground and it will come up!  My neighbor is 83 and he has tomato plants all over his back yard area!  He definitely has a very green thumb!

One thing he does experience however are the critters getting into and eating!  I put mine right where I can see it and watch it!  They won’t bother it.


Cherry Tomato plant 04/17

I didn’t grow any last year and truly missed the delicious flavor of my home grown tomatoes.  I will savor them more this year for sure!


Tomatoes of 2015


Tomatoes of 2015

Cucumber is just two weeks old, once again a wee little plant I purchased from Lowe’s.  By the way, both of my plants are Bonnie plants, they seem to always be pest and disease free and very healthy.  The container they come in can just be put right into the soil and those little pots are biodegradable.


Cucumber 4/17

In my area, at the grocery store…cucumber’s are 0.99 cents or if on sale 0.79 cents.  If I go to Walmart, they are just 0.58 cents.

Now if I were to purchase an organic cucumber at the grocery store…$1.79 per cucumber.

Since I have not been eating organic all of my life, and do not intend to pay $1.79 for one cucumber, I decided to grow my own organic cherry tomatoes and cucumbers!

I would really love to set up a raised garden area out along the side where it gets plenty of sunshine to grow a variety of vegetables…however, I would need to invest in different things to keep the critters out, and even at that…little teeth can always find a way in! 😉

So those are my two vegetable plants to share with you this morning, and I hope if your not growing something I have inspired you to try a plant or two!

It is so rewarding to go out and pick your tomatoes, and other vegetables or fruits that you have so lovingly nurtured!

Have a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget to keep all of your plants hydrated with the warmer weather upon us.


Updated roses page


I opened a ‘page’ a few days ago to share my roses, and just completed posting some more photos.

I will most certainly be updating their progress, growth, any new pots I select for them and of course any new roses I choose!

By the way…I was reading that egg shells and coffee grounds…also banana peels are very good and nutritious to feed roses and plants in the garden…even house plants.

I purchased Scott’s for my roses, and have Miracle Gro plant food to mix with water for my other plants….however…..I am now saving egg shells and coffee grounds to add to their soil along with water of course.  You can also if you hard boil eggs, use the water the eggs were boiled in to add to the mixture.  Just make sure you allow the water to cool!

Some people put the mixture into a blender then add to their pots or garden bed, or just use your mortar and pestle to grind down your egg shells to add to your coffee grounds and water if you have a small amount of plants to feed.

I am storing my egg shells and grounds in the fridge until I have a reasonable supply to feed.  The egg shells are being kept in water in a container….(if you choose just to use shells)…best way to keep them fresh.

Here is just one article to read about it but there are many articles on it just search it on Google.  I typed in egg shells and coffee grounds for plants and quite a bit came up.

Have a blessed and healthy weekend, remember today is Earth Day!


Earth Day 2017


Good Saturday morning, and today is Earth Day!

It falls on the 22nd of April.

Since I have three cats…when I saw this little picture, I just had to have it for my post.

What will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day?

I have no idea what my plans are for the day to be honest, it is already beginning to warm up…it is going to be a 95 degree day, and at this hour it is 81 degrees outside.


Earlier this morning I noticed one of my hummingbird feeders was depleted, it hangs under the front awning and closest to the kumquat tree where little hummers enjoy living.  After cats were fed and before my coffee I just had to replenish for them, they seem to enjoy this one from the three of them under the awning the best.  After I got in and tidied up my kitchen sink, I looked out to see two youths enjoying the nice cool syrup.

(You can tell the youths from the adults by the size of their beaks)

I don’t purchase the nectar sold in stores because that red nectar is not good for them at all and it eats into their insides.

The preferred recipe to make your own and I found the recipe when I joined a hummingbird lovers group is:  

1 cup of pure cane sugar to 4 cups of water

Boil the water, then add the sugar, stir until dissolved. Allow to cool then the syrup can be stored in the fridge for one week.  

During warm/hot seasons, feeders must be changed everyday to every other day depending on where you have your feeders hanging because….the heat/sun turns the sugar to sugar alcohol and it is not good at all for your delicate little winged friends.

I make sure when I refresh them to rinse them out well in hot water and I use a little bottle brush to go through all of the feeder holes, a paper towel to scrape along the sides inside the bottles to make sure there is no residue. Mold doesn’t accumulate on mine, but should it accumulate on yours…hot soapy water or a spot of bleach….rinse very, very well please so no odor is present…it could harm them.

12628053_565067976988462_619696322_n (1)

I just let my indoor/outdoor kitty out…HoBo and did a walk around the plants and trees.  I water every other day and decided since it is going to be very warm out I had better give them all some water, so that is what I must do before I begin anything else to keep them hydrated and happy.

Little picture above is HoBo up on my next door neighbor’s grapefruit tree…taken last year.  The bird on the bird house is artificial.  My neighbor is 83, and thought it would be a nice touch!  Very cute, and I just wonder if HoBo thought it was a real bird! 😉

Whatever your plans are for this day, I hope they are full of love and joy.

Have a happy day!