Happy Saturday and good news

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Good morning and happy Saturday!

Wednesday, I took myself to the ER because I felt like something was up under my rib cage on the left side. I wasn’t in pain, but very, very uncomfortable.

Lab and a CT scan, lots of waiting for results.  My scan revealed a kidney stone which the Dr in the ER felt may have been a problem, I…with my inexperienced mind said I didn’t realize my kidneys were up under my rib cage!  Explained to me that flank discomfort or pain could be the result of why I am here, that he is general medicine and it is best that I go over the results of the scan with my Dr.s.   He also told me I had a slightly enlarged spleen, very mild ascites…which was a good thing and happy I had cancelled the paracentesis procedure, fatty liver and an aortic embolism at 3 cm. He told me they don’t worry about those until they are at 5cm.

My Oncologist appointment was for the next day and took a copy of the report into her. She stated good news, the chemo therapy is working and your stomach tumor has shrunk!!  The CT scan had revealed a lessor size than the original scan done in January. She told me that Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is the easiest cancer to treat and it is usually six treatments. I had the first of those earlier in the month.

I go in on Monday for a B-12 shot, the lab and the 4th and 5th for chemo.

So I am feeling okay, still have that sensation of something under my rib cage and she said about that the Leukine shots can affect the bones and that may be what I am experiencing along with the slightly enlarged spleen. My Dr. also told me not to take the Atorvastatin for cholesterol while in chemo treatments, and I told her I stopped a couple of weeks ago because I have been on it for a couple of years and it was affecting the muscles in my legs and feet…took myself off and had advised my PCP about it.  I am going to refuse taking it again in the future and manage the cholesterol differently.  I love grapefruit and could eat a couple of them a day!  I can also manage with different supplements over the counter. I asked her about the fatty liver and told her I do not drink alcohol at all and don’t understand why my liver would be fatty.  She said…American diets, and most of us have a fatty liver due to diet.

I dropped off a copy of the ER report to my PCP, and when I got home his office called and I have an appointment with him on the 28th.  Most likely will go over the embolism and I may be referred to a Cardiologist for it per my Oncologist.

Such an experience maturing in age!  It seems like after 60…things begin to change and I hear that from people in the waiting rooms…from both men and women!

I have lost 17 pounds since January, and while I am not obese…that is a good thing.  When your no longer working out in the world, your body can change and the most exercise can be just from daily chores, and walking.  I have been working quite a bit in my garden, yard so I feel that exercise has helped with the weight loss and too…I don’t eat three times a day, sometimes just once and a snack.

I love to sew and had started a quilt, all of my fabrics cut and partially sewn squares before I was diagnosed with cancer.  Suddenly, all of that stopped, but now I want to resume that project and go forward with my sewing.

I also want to know that aortic embolism can be treated so I don’t have  to worry about that, and hope it isn’t through surgery.  I want to remain very positive and hope that it is not going to be another serious thing going on.  Maybe medication will help it, I have no idea.

So a few issues, but she was pleased with that CT scan and that with the chemo treatment I had already the largest of the tumor had shrunk.



Plenty of sunshine today even so the temps will be a bit milder, and an all around pretty day. I will be out to putter around with my plants.

I have tuberous rose, gladiolus and white tulips that are coming up in their pots, my cherry tomato plant is growing, and yesterday I planted California poppy along with some Viola to complement the color of the poppy and a Senetti plant each in their own barrels along with Bacopa that will mound and trail.


Senetti with Bacopa in white


Picture of Senetti plant before planting.  This plant was given to me by my sister.  I had watched her dogs for her while she took our mother to her doctor appointment and she thanked me with this plant.


California poppy plants, three of them with viola’s that are the same color but have a touch of a deep, deep purple.

They are doing well this morning, first thing I checked on when I got up this morning, and are placed where they will get plenty of sunshine.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I am going to do a few things around the house, outside and get into my sewing today.


Ascites and Happy Spring


Happy Spring!  I can hardly believe it has finally arrived!

Well, I went in for my shot today, lab late this afternoon and then I am done with these shots for this week…Oncologists appointment on the 23rd…but I spoke with her this morning about the fluid in my stomach…ascites…and that I have a paracentesis scheduled for Wednesday, and showed her my stomach….that has gone down considerably!  I asked her if this was normal, she said yes that many times that will happen!  Asked me to wait until tomorrow then decide to cancel the procedure if I need to.  I feel like I may, but will follow her advice.  I told her I don’t want to waste resources, and she understood.

Feeling good actually, I just have one more shot on the 27th and labs on the 3rd of April then chemo on the 4th and 5th.

I am certain another schedule will be made up for me for the remainder of the month of April.


On another note

This morning I planted two rose bushes.  Pictures below


This one is called Bride’s Pink and I planted white Bacopa, they will spead and trail.

17426085_745749835593376_6904944513979338343_n (1)

This one is Pink Peace and I planted lavender Bacopa around it…again it will spread and trail.

They are both out in front and are doing great so far.

I like to plant something on the first day of Spring every year, a tradition with me.

Below are close up’s of each rose.


Pink Peace

17353259_744721339029559_1047444920967917382_n (1)

Bride’s Pink

A friend of mine lost her daughter a couple of years ago, and she told me pink roses where her daughter’s favorites.  I told her when I plant them and as I care for them I will keep her daughter in my thoughts.

Both of these are hybrid tea roses, I was coming home from my shot on Saturday and seen them on display at Ace!  Stopped in and got a price and took them both home.

I picked up the whiskey barrels…not of wood composition…at Lowe’s along with the Bacopa plants.

Enjoy the first day of Spring!


Chemo Hats cancer wigs breast forms


Good Thursday morning!

Yesterday while waiting for my Leukine shot and iron IV the lobby of my Oncologist’s office has so many books and I must say…a variety too!  Anyway, I ran into a catalog from  TLC that has a beautiful variety of products for those with various needs.

I just visited the website this morning, and I can tell you the catalog offers so much more and I feel the prices were a little better on some of the items…may have been a sale catalog.  However, you can visit and find the information here they also have an 800 number you can call too…in case you would rather just call for a catalog the number is

If you do crochet or knit and have sensitive skin I highly recommend using an organic cotton yarn or an all cotton yarn if it is difficult to locate an organic yarn.

Acrylic yarns while there is such a beautiful and economical variety of them may be a bit uncomfortable to your scalp.  The loss of hair through thinning or total loss can be not only upsetting but it will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable to adjust to.  Cotton is comforting.

My Oncologist told me I would most likely experience ‘hair thinning’.  I am not looking forward to it of course, but decided to embrace it as it comes my way and find something cute to put on my head if it is going to bother me personally too much.

So thought I would share that with you.  I need to scoot along…shot appointment!

Have a beautiful day!  🙂

Happy Wednesday


Good afternoon and a very Happy Wednesday to each of you!

Monday if you remember, I was to go have my procedure done and I waited for an hour for my transportation…through the insurance.  To keep it short, three phone calls were made, the third telling me ‘no driver was assigned to me’!

I called the radiology dept of the hospital and reset my procedure appointment for the paracentesis on the 22nd of this month….next Wednesday as my authorization was good until the 23rd, and I have a Dr. appt. on that day.

I called the company and filed my complaint nicely however until the end of my conversation when I rescheduled my ride for the 22nd.  I said to the supervisor ‘I trust there will be no problems with this appointment I have with you, I would not want to have to make a phone call to the patient advocate and you certainly don’t want to risk the possible loss of your contract with them….I don’t know if I am the only one this has happen to’!  Oh he became so apologetic then!!  Young, and I think what I said brought forth not only a little respect with his flippant attitude, but that I may have done him a favor…then it became all too important.  Modern times….

Was able to then go in for my shot, the lab…a shot on Tuesday and one today along with my iron administered via an IV.

I really feel normal, and able to function well at this time, I just don’t like stress and confusion because I am an organized type person.

On another note

The weather has been warming up and I have been able to keep up with weeds from the last rain…Monday did the entire front.

A dear neighbor and friend of mine drove by and said she never pulls, she sprays.  I told her I have an indoor/outdoor male cat and I would not dream of spraying!   Anyway she got out of her car and handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a darling little card.  So nice of her and the flowers are doing very well!!



I love flowers and they are simply beautiful and it was very thoughtful of her.

Below I took a couple of pictures of the Carolina Jasmine all in bloom and all along the outside of the long front porch of my mobile home.



They are simply beautiful!  I love my place and being out doors puttering around.  I want to do so forever!!

Well, I hope each of you have a wonderful rest of your day 🙂


Choppy days ahead I guess


In today’s mail I received an authorization from my insurance…for a medication by the name of Palonosetron HCl…had to go look that one up and found out what it is for since I apparently will be given ten of them. Not all at once of course. I hope not anyway!

Aloxi (palonosetron hydrochloride) is an antiemetic and anti-nausea agent used to prevent nausea and vomiting that may be caused by surgery or by medicine to treat cancer (chemotherapy or radiation).

I have more chemotherapy scheduled for the 4th and 5th of next month and I also noted on my schedule a bit stronger dose one after the other, so I guess they are making sure I have this medication.  So far I haven’t had but one reaction and the nurse told me it was to the Benadryl given piggy back with my IV of Sterile Saline…before my first chemo treatment!

I am also this next week on one of my visits to have iron given to me via IV.  Nurse J was going to do this on Thursday but since one patient was having a reaction to it she said she couldn’t handle two of us, so she would see that I get it this next week.

One of the Dr’s gave me and another person that came into the office today our shots of Leukine.  I told him he gives a good shot!  Never felt a thing!

Stopped by Big Lots on my way home, haven’t been there in a couple of years and felt like sitting down for a moment on one of their recliner chairs after walking through the store…well!  Then I could not get out of it!  Lol!!  My legs were not strong enough to push the recliner part down and the mgr. of the store had to help me out of my chair!  Lol!!  I really tweaked my back pushing and pushing with my legs like I did, so took a Tylenol for it a bit later and feel like it never happened…so embarrassing!  🙂   He mentioned this particular brand seems to be difficult for many people and offered to show me another chair….I smiled and said ‘oh no…I am not shopping for furniture today, but thank you’!  So that was rather fun!  I decided to treat myself to the breakfast I didn’t eat yet so stopped into one of the cities favorite places and enjoyed every bite of it along with a big glass of water with lemon!  (That is when I took my Tylenol)

It is in the high 80’s today and I feel like being lazy.  I had originally planned to work outside, but changed my mind after the chair thing.  Maybe when the sun goes down a bit more I will go out an putter around some but nothing serious on this day.  I did purchase two new cute, cute pair of gardening gloves and a very nice and soft knee pad.  I have another kind of knee pad but like this new one much better and can’t wait to use it!

How is your Saturday going?  Your weather?  I hope just fine and the weather nice for you.

We shall chat a bit later, have a wonderful evening!


Paracentesis appointment


Good morning!

Yesterday, early evening I came down with a crashing headache and I felt like every part of my body ached!  I thought ‘what the heck is going on’!  So, took a 500 mg Tylenol and went to bed at 6 ish, still no relief so took another one at 9:00 and fell asleep finally.

I was happy I had cooked my mother and I’s dinner, did up and put away all dishes, the cats were fed and liter boxes done before lying down.  I can’t rest properly until my chores are completed…how I am!

I had received a call from the Oncologists office to go to the lab…off I went for a non fasting blood draw as a pre op for my paracentesis procedure earlier in the afternoon, and while I was driving to the lab the radiology dept had called me and I did pick up my cell phone while driving, pushed the speaker button and got all flustered looking for a safe place to pull over and talk….I think that is what gave me my headache to be honest.

Anyway, this morning it was still with me, but not as bad…I made myself a nice pot of coffee and ‘viola’!!  My headache is completely gone!  I remembered that yesterday I only took a sip or two before going in for my shot and when your a coffee drinker…I think it is just something your body is use to having and it along with become flustered with the phone call while driving….I got the headache!

Moving forward now…the radiology dept called me just a bit ago and I will be having my procedure on Monday at 10:00.  Transportation arrangements have been made, they will be picking me up between 8-8:30 as I need to go to admitting…out patient admitting at 9:00.

No Leukine shot today is scheduled, but Saturday and Sunday each at 9:00 AM I get one, and Monday I am scheduled for one so if radiology didn’t tell my Oncologists office already, I will let them know for the shot on Monday and the Lab on Monday…I won’t be there.

At least I know where I am headed this week!  I thought I was going to have to go in today for my procedure and was thrilled my headache is now gone so I can now have a normal day…no appointments to dash off to anyway!

Yes, stomach is big, as big as it was in January when I had my stomach drained of fluid and the diagnosis finally came about from EGD with biopsy results came through….cancer.

The procedure doesn’t hurt, they give you a little something so you are comfortable, so not afraid to have it done like I was the first time!

Yesterday when I went in for my shot, I met a very nice lady with bone cancer.  She has been up and down with her treatments overtime and had the most upbeat personality!  She got her pain Rx from the Dr. and stated she can’t live without her pain medication and was off to a casino to play the slots!!  Said life is too short not to have fun and she was absolutely precious to speak with.  I truly admired her for all she has been through.

I also noted in both of the facilities I have been to that they have little baskets setting on a table here and there with beanies that people have crocheted.  The baskets are over flowing, so will be putting crocheting any at this time on the back burner.  I also noted that those with extreme hair loss are not wearing them, they are wearing all cotton fabric hats that tie up in the back.  I think the cotton fabrics are far more comfortable to the scalp then all of the acrylic beanies I saw…but if I do decide to make them in the future, it will be with organic cotton and they will be individually wrapped and placed in the baskets.

So on with my day, I want to shower, and go visit with my sister and my nephew…home from school the rest of this week after his heart procedure.  My sister has a bad headache herself today and I want to see if there isn’t something she needs help with around the house.

I was thinking our weather has changed from Winter weather to sunny and warm out now weather…maybe too that is why we girls got headaches!  I just don’t know.  Both of us can get stressed out pretty much when things don’t go smoothly and perhaps that has a lot to do with it too.

Needless to say, I am going to enjoy my day, take my big stomach to the shower now and we shall go visit for a little bit!!

Have a wonderful day!!